RPB Breathing Air Fittings ARO Style

RPB Breathing Air Fittings ARO Style


Quick-Connect (QC) fittings for breathing air hoses are a critical part of any breathing air system.  BlastOne stocks all types, including the following:

  • Adapters.
    • Also known as Plugs, Coupler Plugs, or Male Ends  
  • Couplings.
    • Also known as Sockets or Female Ends

Note:  Both couplings and adapters are available with hose barb, female thread, or male threads.  

This group is the ARO type used by GVS / RPB.  In addition a unique RZ fitting is available.  The RZ fitting is designed to prevent accidental hook-up of breathing air hose to other shop air hoses and is available only from GVS / RPB.


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RPB Breathing Air Fittings ARO Style

$5.26 - $54.68

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RPB Breathing Air Fittings ARO Style


The ARO-type GVS/RPB Breathing Air Fittings are essential components for anyone using RPB respiratory safety equipment. These fittings utilize the common ARO style, known for its compatibility with a variety of breathing-air products.  Available in two common sizes, ⅜" and ¼", they cater to different dimensions and requirements, enhancing the functionality of your safety equipment. 

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