Trelawny Copper Beryllium Needles, 3mm

Trelawny Copper Beryllium Needles, 3mm

SKU: HT4531310

Upgrade your needle scaler with the Trelawny Copper Beryllium Needles, 3mm, SKU: HT4531310. These spark-resistant, flat tip needles are essential for specialized applications, ensuring safety and efficiency.

  • 3mm flat tip design for precision work.
  • Made from Copper Beryllium for spark resistance.
  • Box contains 100 durable needles.
  • MPN: 453.1310.

Ideal for environments where spark prevention is crucial, offering both reliability and performance.

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Trelawny Copper Beryllium Needles, 3mm

Sku: HT4531310

The Trelawny Copper Beryllium Needles, 3mm, SKU: HT4531310, are a top-tier choice for professionals requiring spark-resistant tools. These needles are designed for use in needle scalers, providing both safety and functionality in special applications.
  • Precision Flat Tip Needles: The 3mm flat tip needles are crafted for detailed and precise work, allowing for effective material removal and surface preparation.
  • Spark-Resistant Material: Constructed from Copper Beryllium, these needles are ideal for use in environments where sparks pose a hazard, such as in the presence of flammable materials or gases.
  • Quantity and Quality: Each box contains 100 needles, ensuring a long-lasting supply for continuous work demands.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: The specific part number for these needles is 453.1310, making reordering and reference easy.
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