Shipbuilding and Ship Repair


BlastOne has been making blasting and painting safer, more efficient and cleaner for over 40 years. We have been painting and blasting all types of marine vessels, including boats and ships. While a group of our clients need full construction and fully equipped supply, whereas some only need blast and paint equipment in order to finish their projects. Over the last few years, we have realized that project managers in the equipment industry are feeling pressured because they are under profit margin, production or quality. This has guided people to look deeper into automation. In the right circumstances BlastOne has robotic and semi- autonomous solutions which can revolutionize production times.

Quite a few shipbuilding and repair facilities are having issues with their painting and blasting equipment and below average production times.

Others are dealing with immoderate maintenance costs caused by old blast equipment. We are seeing more and more facilities facing the issue of employee turnover, especially where there is required training. This has lead to companies wanting more automation. BlastOne creates top of the line work spaces for our customers that are highly consistent, have low costs, and are very efficient.

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

BlastOne can provide:


  • Abrasive blasting Pots
  • Abrasive Conveying, storage and recycling equipment
  • Blasting Robotics for externals and undersides of ship blocks or vessels
  • Gantry Mounted Manlifts for ease of access around entire part for both blast and paint
  • Automated and Semi-Automated boat and block transportation systems
  • Paint Application Equipment


  • Make-Up Air Systems for heating
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Water Chilling Systems
  • Paint Ventilation Systems
  • Dehumidification systems for environmental control
  • High Production Abrasive Vacuum Systems
  • Dust collection systems

Typical Services we provide to the ship repair and construction industry include

  • Facility Conception
  • Design Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Efficiency consulting in order to increase efficiency rates of blast and paint
  • Maximize airflow efficiency in blast and paint to slash operational costs through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies
  • Training, both in-house at BlastOne and field based
  • Vendor Managed Inventory of Abrasives

Our projects at BlastOne goes through the below process. We use this process to make sure we are completing every single project at the highest standard possible in order for our customers to build top-of-the-range facilities.

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

BlastOne has many staff that are certified by or with some of these well known industry bodies

  • NACE Certified Inspectors
  • SSPC accredited Trainers
  • PMP Certified Project Managers
  • LEAN / Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Consultants

Ring our consultants today on 1-800-999-1881 to discuss your requirements.

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