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Budget-Conscious Marine Support Company Rolls Out Barge Finishing Services

Superior Marine is a full-service marine support company founded in 1977. Their services include barge cleaning, general steel fabrication, machine shop devices, repair, and other related services.

Superior Marine wanted to roll out the ability to blast and paint barges indoors as an additional service in their river barge business sector.

Aerial view of Superior Marine’s facility site before construction.


BlastOne’s proposal would give Superior Marine the ability to blast and paint the large barges in the same hall, removing the need to relocate the barges between operations.

The blast and paint facilities were outfitted to serve both functions to drive down initial costs for the company.

Proposal drawing of the all-in-one barge finishing facility


The new facility is now able to blast and paint the largest barges on the Ohio River in a controlled environment while incurring low upfront costs to the company.

Finalized finishing facility designed with space for an entire barge during the finishing process

Completed blast and paint hall with directional air nozzles shown

BlastOne’s scope included a complete compressed air plant capable of producing 2500CFM at 150 PSI

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