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BlastOne has nearly 50 years of experience in design, engineering, and servicing paint rooms and booths in America, Australia, and globally. BlastOne is the undistributed industry expert. BlastOne has a unique process to conceptualize design and build high-performance spray paint rooms and booths for many industrial applications – from small, containerized rooms to multi-million-dollar paint facilities.


The compact design of our Filter Wall Systems provides good directional airflow through spray painting workshops where the nature of the components to be painted makes using a spray booth impractical! With all the features of the Spray Booth included, they ensure a low-maintenance and trouble-free solution to many situations.


  • How well do filter walls ventilate the area?

    • Filter Walls help in creating ‘directional airflow’ through the work area. It is therefore important that ‘make-up air’ is allowed into that work area, and enters ‘opposite’ the Filter Walls.
    • Providing the work area is between the extraction system and the air inlets, the area will ventilate, regardless of how long it is. This is the best arrangement for ventilating large Designated Painting Areas (DPAs).

  • How big should the filter wall be?

    • Our Filter Wall System should be as wide as the DPA and as high as the workpiece. To achieve ventilation over the width of the work area Filter Walls can be either banked together or spaced apart. However, due to gravity, it is often not necessary to have the Filter Wall higher than 6.0m high, as large workpieces are likely to be in large work areas, and overspray mostly falls to the floor within 6 – 8m from where it is produced.

  • How well does the filter work?

    • Due to gravity making the overspray fall out within 6 – 8m often not much of it will reach the filters. As a result, it may appear that the filters are not capturing much of the overspray. However, this is because it is mostly on the floor. This does not mean filters are not needed. Every spray painting area ventilation system needs filters.

  • What sizes do Filter Walls come in?

    • Filter Walls are made from modular systems in both height and width, so practically any size is available in 1.0m increments.

  • Do they comply to Australian Standards – AS4114?

    • With Designated Painting Areas compliance relates to the whole area – not just the Filter Walls. The Filter Walls comply in every respect, including design, materials, and manufacture. However, to gain full compliance for your DPA it may require Classification & Auditing, which BlastOne offers as an additional service.
    • Note: Compliance is still the responsibility of the facility owner/operator.

  • Are they difficult to assemble?

    Filter Walls are a pre-engineered modular design that arrives on-site as a kit with a comprehensive Assembly & Operator’s Manual. Standard trade skills are required to assemble the booth, with special skills needed for:

    • Wiring up the electrical components and connecting them to 3-phase power.
    • Weather-proofing any building penetrations.
    • Working at heights.




  • Concertina card exhaust filter media collects overspray out of the airstream
  • 1.0mm thick galvanized sheet metal work area
  • 1.0mm thick galvanized exhaust duct & cowl
  • Modular design
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the current Spray Booth Standards – AS4114
  • One-piece fan manufactured from mild steel with hot dip galvanized finish
  • Simple screw-together construction
  • Uniform air movement for full-area ventilation
  • Standard air volumes through the open-face spray booths are based on a minimum of 0.5m/sec (100ft/min) across the open face of the booth’s work area
  • Computer designed and fabricated for accurate assembly
  • 12-month warranty
  • Over 10 years of design experience
  • Comprehensive instruction manual


To guarantee Consistent and Effective Directional Airflow install Air Intake Louvres into the wall opposite the MASTERFLO Filter Walls. To improve the quality of air entering the painting area it is recommended Air Intake Filter Panels be mounted onto the inside of the Louvres which will remove any airborne particles from the make-up air.

  • The MASTERFLO Air Intake Louvre has a Unique Inverted ‘V’ Louvre which offers the following:

    • ‘Weather-Proof’ from both sides.
    • Create a ‘diverted’ airflow route to help containment of airborne particles.
    • Simple and easy to add Intake Filter Panels.
    • Look smart and professional.



I would like to pass on our thanks for the extraction
equipment you guys sold to us… it very much exceeds
our expectation.


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