Bullard Climate Control Tubes

Bullard Climate Control Tubes


Climate control tubes / valves are essential for providing air flow to operators using supplied air respirators.  The Bullard CCT’s listed below work with all Bullard respirators, including GVX, 88vx, CC20, and more, and are equipped with Industrial Interchange (aka Hansen) fittings.

  • F30 Constant Flow.  Provides ambient air without cooling or flow adjustment. 
  • AC1000 Cool Tube:  Cools incoming air by up to 30°.
  • AC2400 Heat/Cool Tube: Both cools and heats incoming air by up to 30°.
  • DC50 series DualCool®:  When using the DC70 series cooling vest, the Dual Cool climate controller cools incoming air by up to 30° for both the respirator and the vest.
  • Frigitron® 2000:  For use with Free Air pump, cools air by up to 20°.

Other Quick Disconnect fitting types (Schrader, Snap-tite, CEJN, and bayonet) are available upon request.

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Bullard Climate Control Tubes

$45.00 - $475.00

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Bullard Climate Control Tubes


Bullard Climate Control Tubes are designed to offer comfort and flexibility when using a respirator. These devices provide a wide range of climate control solutions to suit different environments and personal preferences.

  • F30 Constant Flow: Delivers ambient air consistently, without adjustments, for a stable and comfortable experience.
  • AC1000 Cool Tube: This adjustable tube can cool the incoming air by up to 30°, making it ideal for hot environments.
  • AC2400 Heat/Cool Tube: Offers the flexibility to either heat or cool the incoming air by up to 30°, ensuring comfort in varying temperatures.
  • DC50 series DualCool®: Specifically designed for use with DC70 vests, it provides cooling for both the vest and the respirator, reducing heat stress significantly.
  • Frigitron®: Compatible with Free Air pumps, it cools the ambient air by up to 20°, providing relief in warm conditions.

These climate control tubes feature rugged metal housing, superior to plastic in withstanding media bounce back, enhancing durability, and reducing replacement costs. With a wide selection of Quick Disconnect fittings, including steel, brass, and stainless options, these tubes are compatible with various respirator models like GenVX, 88VX, CC20 Hoods, and GR50 Grinding Hoods. Belts are included with these tubes for added convenience.

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