Bullard Breathing Air hoses


Ensure safe and reliable breathing air supply with Bullard Breathing Air Hoses, SKU: P-BLDEHOSE, from BlastOne. These OEM hoses, designed for both compressed air and free-air pump setups, offer versatility and durability for professional needs.

  • Dual applications: Compressed Air (3/8″ ID) and Free Air (1/2″ ID).
  • Starter and Extension Hose configurations.
  • V5 Coiled/Kink-Free and V10/V20 Standard EPDM rubber hoses.
  • Available in various colors and lengths, up to 300 feet.

Choose the right hose with compatible quick-disconnect fittings for your respiratory equipment.

Bullard Breathing Air hoses


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The Bullard Breathing Air Hoses (SKU: P-BLDEHOSE), available at BlastOne, are meticulously engineered to cater to both compressed air and free-air pump applications. As OEM products, these hoses guarantee compatibility and performance with your respiratory equipment.

  • Dual Applications: Ideal for both Compressed Air (3/8″ ID) and Free Air (1/2″ ID) setups, providing versatility in various professional environments.
  • Configurations: The Starter Hose includes a hose-to-pipe adapter and nipple, perfect for initial setups. The Extension Hose, with a hose-to-hose adapter, expands your reach and flexibility.
  • Hose Types: Choose between the V5 Coiled/Kink-Free hose for a tangle-free experience and the V10/V20 Standard EPDM rubber hoses for robust and reliable performance.
  • Color Options: Available in a range of colors like black, blue, red, green, and yellow, offering personalization and easy identification.
  • Fitting Variety: Compatible with a variety of quick-disconnect fittings such as Industrial Interchange, Schrader, Snap Tite, CEJN, and Bayonet, ensuring ease of use and adaptability.
  • Length Options: Customizable up to 300 feet, these hoses meet the needs of extensive coverage areas.
  • Extension Kits: Enable seamless addition to existing respirator hoses, enhancing your equipment’s utility and reach.