Bullard EVA Powered Air-Purifying Respirators


The Bullard EVA (Evolutionary Air) PAPR systems are innovative and well balanced, and offer portable respiratory protection for both their loose-fitting and tight-fitting respirators. The Bullard EVA series is black with white trim.

The EVAHL (Hazardous Location) version offers all the benefits of the original EVA, with the additional capability of being rated for the HazLoc environments.  The EVAHL series is black with blue trim and has the following certifications:

  • Class I, Division 2
  • Class II, Division 2
  • Class III

Features include: 

  • Visual fuel gauge on battery
  • Two blower speeds controlled with a single button, designed for quiet operation
  • Active Flow Technology – Blower speed remains constant even as filter or cartridge resistance increases
  • Low battery and airflow alarms 
  • Filter / cartridge locking tab for visual confirmation of correct installation

Available as Blower-only, or with the following Standard Package Configurations:

  • Belt choices:
    • Closed Cell Foam (adjustable from 28″ to 60″)
    • Decon-Friendly Vinyl Urethane (adj. from 28″ to 60″)
    • (Note:  Belt Extender, Belt Suspender, and Backpack options also available separately.)
  • Batteries (Li-Ion) and Chargers:
    • EVA Battery for all ordinary location respirators except Spectrums (Black)
    • EVA Battery for Spectrums (Green)
    • EVAHL Battery for HazLoc respirators (Black)
    • Packages available with or without a single battery charger
    • (Note:  Optional 6-gang chargers also available – order separately.)
  • Filters and Cartridges:
    • Packages available with HEPA filter, or without filters
    • (Note:  Combination HE/OV & HE/Acid Gas cartridges, and Prefilters are available separately.)
  • Other Features:
    • All packages include airflow indicator


Bullard EVA Powered Air-Purifying Respirators


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The Bullard EVA PAPR systems, encompassing the standard EVA and the EVAHL (Hazardous Location) version, set a new standard in portable respiratory protection. The EVA series, stylish in its black and white trim design, caters to a broad spectrum of uses. The EVAHL model extends this versatility to Hazardous Locations with its comprehensive Class I, II, III Division 2 certifications, showcased in a striking black and blue trim.

  • Versatile EVA and EVAHL Models: Ideal for both ordinary and hazardous environments
  • Certified Safety: Compliant with HazLoc standards for diverse industrial applications
  • Innovative Battery Monitoring: Features a visual fuel gauge for effective power management
  • Active Flow Technology: Maintains consistent blower speed against filter resistance
  • Enhanced Alarm System: Includes low battery and reduced airflow alerts
  • Secure and Easy Filter Installation: Comes with a visual locking tab for assurance
  • Customizable Belt and Battery Options: Tailored for user comfort and operational preferences
  • Comprehensive Filtration Options: Supports HEPA and various other filter/cartridge choices
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight Design: Ensures wearer comfort during prolonged use