Bullard Filters and Cartridges for EVA and EVAHL PAPRs


Discover the reliability and efficiency of Bullard Filters and Cartridges for EVA and EVAHL PAPRs, SKU: P-BLDFILTER. Optimized for safety and performance, these filters are essential for maintaining clean, breathable air in industrial environments.

  • High-Efficiency HEPA Filters (6-pack) for optimal particulate filtration.
  • Combination HE/OV Cartridge Filters (6-pack) for organic vapor protection.
  • Combination HE/AG Cartridge Filters (6-pack) tailored for acid gas environments.
  • Pre-Filters for OV Filter Cartridges (120-pack) to extend main cartridge life.

Ensure uninterrupted protection with easy-to-change cartridges designed for consistent airflow.

Bullard Filters and Cartridges for EVA and EVAHL PAPRs


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Bullard Filters and Cartridges for EVA and EVAHL PAPRs (SKU: P-BLDFILTER) represent the pinnacle of respiratory protection in industrial settings. These advanced filters are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professionals, ensuring a safe and breathable environment under various conditions.

  • High-Efficiency HEPA Filter (6-pack): Specially designed to capture 99.97% of airborne particles, offering unparalleled protection against dust and other particulates.
  • Combination HE/OV Cartridge Filter (6-pack): These dual-purpose filters provide excellent particulate filtration while also guarding against organic vapors, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Combination HE/AG Cartridge Filter (6-pack): Tailored for environments with acid gases, these filters offer robust protection without compromising on airflow or comfort.
  • Pre-Filter for OV Filter Cartridge (120-pack): A cost-effective solution to extend the life of your main OV cartridge. The pre-filter requires a separate cover for optimal functionality.

Bullard’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in these filters’ design, meeting NIOSH standards for minimum airflow (6 CFM) and featuring an audible low flow alarm to indicate when a filter change is necessary.