ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

  • Used for blasting pipe internals with 3″-12″ ID
  • Blasts in a 360 degree pattern
  • Units come standard with Tungsten Carbide deflector tip
  • Select the unit that will best match your Air Supply:
    • IPC4000, 1/2″ Throat Nozzle: 250 cfm
    • IPC4500, 5/8″ Throat Nozzle: 400 cfm
  • Order Transport Carriages separately as follows:
    • IPC4100, Collar and Button, for 3″-5″ ID
    • IPC4200, Scissor, for 5″-12″ ID
    • Requires BSP (not NPT) threaded coupling to attached to standard blast hose coupling, part number HFSTC1BSP, available here or under the repair parts tab below.
  • Successful Internal Pipe Projects require some specialist knowledge – contact our team for assistance
  • Note:  This product is similar to the Clemco Hollo-Blast

ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool


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The ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool is designed to efficiently blast the inside of pipes, ranging from 3″ to 12″ in diameter. This powerful tool ensures a 360° blast pattern coverage, providing an optimal surface preparation solution for internal pipe projects.


Key features of the ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool include:

  • Designed for blasting pipe internals with 3″ to 12″ ID
  • 360° blast pattern coverage for thorough surface preparation
  • Tungsten carbide deflector tip for enhanced durability
  • Compatible with air supplies of 250 or 400 cfm
  • Transport carriages available separately for different pipe diameters
  • Powered travel through pipe for efficient operation
  • High spare parts consumption rate; consider additional spare parts cost for projects
  • Recommended use of metallic abrasive at 90 psi for maximum system life
  • Requires experienced operators for optimal results
  • 1½” blast hose required for feeding the unit
  • Rotating head-type pipe blasters also available
  • Consult our team for specialist advice on successful internal pipe projects

The ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool offers a robust solution for pipe surface preparation. While it’s relatively easy to operate, it requires experienced operators with industrial abrasive blasting equipment knowledge to achieve the best results. Enhance your internal pipe projects with this versatile tool.