Rotoblast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

SKU: IPC1000

The RotoBlast is the fastest way to blast the internals of pipes.  This IPC1000 version is designed for pipes from 10″ to 35″ ID. Fast and effective blasting is ensured by the twin-nozzle spinning blast head. 

Additional details of this Internal Pipe Blaster are as follows:

  • 360 degree blasting covers the entire ID of the pipe
  • Speed is manually controlled.  Optional electric winch is also available, helping to save labor and aid consistency in results.
  • This IPC1000 pipe blasting tool works in pipes 10″ to 35″ ID
  • Nozzles sold separately – details below:
    • 2 nozzles are required for this unit.
    • Use BNAT nozzles for pipes from 8″ to 11″ ID.
    • Use BNASB nozzles for pipes from 12″ to 36″ ID.
  • Centering carriage sold separately – details below:
  • Note:  ID blasting equipment requires significant maintenance.  A Rotoblast Repair Parts Kit is available for convenience, or individual parts may be purchased under the Parts Tab.  An operators manual is shown under the documents tab or you can contact us for further information.

Rotoblast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

SKU: IPC1000
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Elevate your internal pipe sandblasting tasks with the unparalleled efficiency of the RotoBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool. Specifically engineered for pipes with an internal diameter ranging from 10″ to 35″, this tool promises exceptional performance with every use. 

Use a Rotoblast (aka Spin-Blaster) for fast efficient internal pipe blasting. Utilizes a rotating head to turn abrasive through 90°. Component life is short. Allow for an increase in spare parts cost when pricing job. Deflector type of internal pipe blaster also available. Ask about our internal pipe painting systems as well! 

Important Considerations:

  • Applicable blast nozzles are used in pairs
  • BNAT nozzles are used when working on pipes less than 12″ in diameter
  • BNASB nozzles are used when working on pipes 12″ or larger in diameter
  • Twin Nozzle, Spinning Blast Head: Delivers consistent and efficient sandblasting, covering all internal surfaces uniformly.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed for pipes with a diameter between 10″ and 35″ (250 mm – 900 mm).
  • Adaptable Centering Carriage: The adjustable centering carriage, SKU: IPC1200, is available separately, ensuring precise alignment inside the pipes.
  • Choose the Right Nozzle: Nozzles are required separately. Use BNAT for pipes 8″ to 11″ ID and BNASB for pipes 12″ to 36″ ID.
  • Maintenance & Support: Internal Diameter blasting equipment requires routine maintenance. Our team is available to guide you with all related queries.

‘M’ Thread Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle Orifice Size: BNAT1M – 1/16″ (#1) BNAT2M – 1/8″ (#2) BNAT3M – 3/16″ (#3) BNAT4M – 1/4″ (#4) BNAT5M – 5/16″ (#5) BNAT6M – 3/8″ (#6) BNAT7M – 7/16″ (#7) BNAT8M – 1/4″ (#8) 

The Rotoblast tool is more than just a sandblasting instrument—it’s a testament to precise engineering and exceptional craftsmanship. Ensure the longevity of your pipes and maintain their structural integrity by choosing the Rotoblast for internal sandblasting.