DeFelsko® PosiTest® DFT Coating Thickness Gage


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This PosiTest® DFT series is a lower-cost design, which provides basic coating thickness measurements for most coatings, but without the memory, connectivity, and other features of the premium PosiTector 6000 series.  Information specific to these PosiTest® Dry Film Thickness gauges is as follows:

  • Design:
    • Dedicated and simple, this unit only measures DFT for non-magnetic coatings, without frills and economically.
    • Simple on-board icon-based menu.
  • Configurations:
    • Ferrous substrates (only) model (MPN: DFTF)
    • Ferrous / non-ferrous substrates model (MPN: DFTC)
    • Both gages come as a kit with a case, precision plastic shims, Calibration Certificate, and more.

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DeFelsko® PosiTest® DFT Coating Thickness Gage


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$495.00 - $695.00

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The DeFelsko® PosiTest® DFT Coating Thickness Gage offers an economical solution for accurately measuring non-magnetic coating thickness on metal surfaces. With the capability to average up to 99 readings, this tool is suited for diverse settings, from industrial coating inspection to automotive refinishing.

Designed for ease of use, the gage is ready to operate straight out of the box for the majority of applications, with additional calibration options available for more specialized needs.

The device features a probe tipped with wear-resistant ruby. It also includes features such as adjustable display brightness and an auto-rotating display, enhancing usability across different environments. Navigation is made straightforward with a simple icon-based menu.

Accompanied by a Certificate of Calibration traceable to PTB, the gage adheres to international measurement standards, assuring its accuracy. It is designed with practicality in mind, including a V-groove in the probe for easy positioning on various surfaces.

When should I buy the PosiTest® DFT instead of the PosiTector 6000?

The PosiTest® DFT is a simple, economical solution for those who need to check thickness of most coatings, but who have no need for the premium features of the PosiTector® 6000 models including higher resolution and accuracy, internal memory, PosiSoft® software compatibility and universal probe interchangeability. The PosiTector® 6000 was designed for the harshest of environmental conditions. Its impact resistant, high grade industrial strength housing is solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant. In addition, the PosiTector® 6000 Advanced models have additional features including increased memory storage, scan mode, SSPC PA2/PSPC-90/10 modes and WiFi wireless technology for connecting to mobile devices.