DeVilbiss DAD 500 3 Stage Air Filtration System

DeVilbiss DAD 500 3 Stage Air Filtration System


Avoid costly redo’s in auto body or other fine finish painting applications with the DeVilbiss 3-stage compressed air filter / air dryer.

Eliminates moisture and dirt in air lines.  Install at the point of use.

Also includes a ½” ball valve shut-off for easy maintenance.

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DeVilbiss DAD 500 3 Stage Air Filtration System

Sku: DEDAD500

The Devilbiss DAD 500, a comprehensive 3 stage air filtration system, is designed to purify compressed air to its finest. Each stage of this system is meticulously crafted to ensure the cleanest, driest air possible, making it indispensable for high-quality painting and air tool operations. FEATURES: 
  • Stage 1 Separator: Filters out particulates up to 5 microns, enhancing the longevity and performance of pneumatic tools.
  • Stage 2 Coalescent Filter: Achieves finer filtration down to 0.01 microns, ideal for high-precision applications.
  • Stage 3 Desiccant Dryer: Lowers air moisture to a -40°F dew point, removing all traces of moisture for critical painting or coating jobs.
  • Automatic Drains: Included on the first two stages to facilitate maintenance and ensure continuous operation.
  • Desiccant Change Indicator: Alerts when desiccant needs replacement, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Mounting Bracket Included: For easy installation and stable setup.
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