AirPrep Equipment Buying Guide

Air Dryers and Moisture Separators

AirPrep Equipment Buying Guide

With over 40 years of experience in sales and service of blasting and moisture removal equipment, BlastOne has seen a lot of different types of equipment. We trust this article helps you to understand what type of air dryers we recommend for your application.

BlastOne is America’s undisputed industry expert, we understand blasting and painting equipment and provide unparallel support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States from Ohio to California.

Our Range of Air Drying Equipment for Moisture Removal

From the smallest moisture separator to the largest AirPrep, BlastOne has the largest range of equipment for moisture removal in-stock and available for sale or for rent United States wide.

MSC / MSS Airline Filter Moisture Separators

moisture seperator

We do not recommend this style moisture separator for contractors or production blasting.

This airline filter moisture separator is installed on the blast machine and used to strip any water that is in the air. These moisture separators are a the base line for blasting. If you are doing handyman blasting or very infrequent blasting, you can use this type of moisture separator.

These Moisture separators will not remove humidity from the air, which means you will still have a moisture issue in your blast pot on a humid day.

Weekly washing of these separators is a must. They very quickly build up a grease and dirt film that will start loosing pressure into your blast pot, reducing your efficiency.

  • MSC Airline Filter Moisture separator – 40 micron filter element
  • MSS Airline Filter Moisture Separator – 5 micron filter element


  • Blasting under 10 hours per week
  • Economical Startup Blaster

Contractor Style Pot-Mounted Moisture Separator

moisture seperator

This is an airline filter moisture separator, designed to take water droplets out of the air stream. The air enters the cylinder on a tangent forcing the water droplets to the side of the separator, thus removing them from the blasting stream. This moisture separator is highly efficient and doesn’t have an element to clog up with dirt and waste, just requiring a cleaning/rinse once per year.

It is always recommended to have one of these on every blast pot, as well as a large AirPrep. This is your last line of defense before any water gets into your abrasive in the blast pot. Can be fitted with an automatic drain, or just leave the small ball valve cracked open a little.

  • AF MSH250 is rated to 300 cfm (up to #6 blast nozzle)
  • AF MSH400 is rated to 450 cfm (up to #8 blast nozzle)


  • All Contractor Blast Pots
  • Industry Standard

Stand-Mounted ‘Expansion Style’ Moisture Separator

airline moisture separator

This moisture separator works is an effective moisture droplet separator using an expansion chamber to effectively slow the air down, allowing it to cool slightly, and forcing more moisture to collect on the edges of the moisture separator.

This Moisture separator is best used a maximum of 15 feet from the blast pot. This is purchased when you can’t afford to buy a complete AirPrep yet, but it will not remove all the moisture or humidity from the blasting air.

Available as a stand mount or portable with handle and wheels (pictured)

  • AF MSH800 is rated to 800 cfm
  • AF MSH1600 is rated to 1600 cfm


  • Suitable for Multiple Operators
  • Fixed Blastroom Installation where you have an AirDryer next to the compressor. Will capture any moisture condensated in the plant lines
  • Highly productive

AirPrep Moisture Removal Systems

schmidt airprep aftercooler air dryer blasting compressor machine removal moisture water

When it comes to serious blasting, contractors turn to the AirPrep System to remove the moisture from their compressed air. The AirPrep is the industry leader for removing the most moisture while maintaining a maximum of 3psi pressure drop.

The incoming air is passed through a radiator to lower the temperature of the air, because cooler air can hold less moisture, this forces the humid air to drop out the moisture it is carrying. The air then comes into the large tank which has a stainless steel demister pad, this combination strips out 95% of all moisture in the air, making it ideal for dry abrasive blasting.

Units are rated to a cfm airflow rate where you will lose a maximum of 2-3psi. All AirPreps can handle 30% more airflow when needed, you will lose more pressure though, so its recommended you buy the right sized unit.

Built for continuous high production use, contractors swear by the AirPreps money-saving advantages. The largest blasting contractor in Australia told us;

“An AirPrep is just as important as the blast pot to take to our job sites, we have proved that AirPreps pay for themselves inside 6 months. Well never go to a project without one”

  • ACS 250 – AirPrep rated to 250 cfm (good for 1x #6 blast nozzle)
  • ACS 400 – AirPrep rated to 400 cfm (good for 1x #7 blast nozzle)
  • ACS 750 – AirPrep rated to 750 cfm (good for 2 blasters)
  • ACS 950 – AirPrep rated to 950 cfm (good for 2 blasters or occasionally 3)
  • ACS 1200 – AirPrep rated to 1200 cfm (good for 3-4 blast nozzles) Typical unit mounted on a MegaBlaster
  • ACS 1600 – AirPrep rated to 1600 cfm (good for 4 high production blast nozzles) Typical unit purchased when using a standard MegaBlaster and taking to different jobsites.


  • High Production Sandblasting
  • Recommended if blasting with GMA Garnet
  • Skid or Trailer mounted MegaBlasters
  • Highest level of productivity

Your Partner from Start to Finish

Many companies will love to take your order, but there is only one company that has a mission to create;
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Whatever your need, we can support you onsite or at your workplace.

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Facts about blasting with cool, dry air

You should not underestimate the benefits of using cool, dry air for blasting.


Blasters who use AirPrep moisture removal systems find that cool, dry compressed air actually blasts up to 15% Faster.


On an average day with low humidity a 950 AirPrep will draw up to 50 gallons of water out of the blasting air


Moisture is a blasters worst enemy. It extra material used, extra labour hours resulting in lower productivity. Just imagine – 1 extra hour of blasting each 8 hour day, free!!


In recent years compressor companies have been adding “IQ Air” or Instrument Quality Air onto their compressors. We do not recommend using these systems for blasting. They reduce your air pressure by 10-15psi, which is 15-22% blasting productivity, and they do not remove all the moisture. Save yourself the extra cost of these units and buy an AirPrep which wont loose valuable pressure, and cost you more diesel to do the job.

Are you sick and tired of stop/start blasting because your blast system keeps clogging up with moisture and wet abrasive?

With an AirPrep you will rarely ever need to choke your blast pot again!

With an AirPrep you can fine tune your abrasive metering valve and save up to 25% of your abrasive – guaranteed.

Productivity Enhancement Package Options

Making an additional investment to enhance your day-to-day productivity can pay off for years to come. If you can find a cost-effective way inside your budget to increase your productivity, it can give you a competitive edge when onsite.

Your blasting equipment can come in one of our pre-configured solutions.

pipeliner skid mount equipment blasting

Starter Skid

This is great if you are looking to get into blasting, typically comes with a 3.5 cuft blast pot & 250 cfm AirDryer

Blasting Equipment pipeliner skid

Pipeliner Skid

People blasting weld joints on a pipeline would typically use, its heavy duty, with a 6.5 cuft pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, tool box and room for more abrasive, allows them to go all day without having to return for more abrasive.

pipeliner skid with compressor

Truck mounted skid

Great for those contractors that are constantly changing jobsites or who offer a quick response in the field to their customers. This large skid has a compressor, AirPrep, 1 or 2 blast pots, tool box and more.

high production blasting trailer

Trailer Mounted

A must for the contractors who typically do commercial painting and get asked to do blasting every know and again. These contractors have trucks all fitted out with their painting gear, and just bring this blasting trailer along when they need it. It has a 6.5 pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, 400cfm compressor and room for hoses and abrasive.

pipeliner mega blaster

Crawler Mounted

Perfect for the serious pipeline blaster. This machine has a 4-ton blast pot that 4 blasters can blast off all day for 8 hours without having to stop and refill. This would typically be used where you are doing a complete re-blast of a pipeline.

Common AirPrep Accessories

What else do you need to buy when you buy an AirPrep?

1. Size and capacity of your AirPrep

This is obvious, but the first question we will ask you is what you are going to be blasting and how many nozzles, and what size nozzles. Use the table before to choose the right size for your application now and in the future

2. Air inlet fittings

There are two common fittings used in Australia for air. This is the ‘Spud’ screw fitting or the ‘Surelock” coupling fitting.

3. Additional Lengths of Bull hose

We always recommend using 2” Bull hose for running 1 or 2 blasters, but stepping this up to 3” when you are blasting with 3 or more blasters.

Never use 1” or 1-1/4” air hose to run a blast machine

4. Finally – don’t forget abrasive

Talk to one of our team about what you are planning to blast, and we can get you the right grade of garnet. Buying Guide

Ring our consultants today on 1-800-999-1881 to discuss your requirements.

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