GMA NewSteel 80 Mesh Garnet Abrasive Media for Sandblasting or Water Jet


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  • Ideal for sandblasting new steel garnet blasting sand to remove milscale
  • #80 grain size
  • Will achieve a 25-50 micron profile
  • Typical consumption rate 250 kg/hr
  • Typical blasting rate for Milscale removal 20 m2/hr
  • Inert, natural mineral
  • Pinkish to reddish-brown, sub-rounded grains
  • High performance, low dust garnet abrasive
  • Economical, single use abrasive which may also be recycled
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New construction; removal of light rust or mill scale on new steel. Removal and preparation for powder coating.

Suitable for tanks, piping, pressure vessels, ship hulls, ballast tank and offshore platform decking.

All-around garnet abrasive. General industrial maintenance. For removal of coatings and medium-to-heavy rust. Construction and maintenance of commercial buildings, chemical plants, power stations, mining and processing equipment, gas and sewerage plants, desalination and industrial plants. Tanks, piping, pressure vessels, ship hulls, ballast tanks and offshore platform decking.

Garnet Abrasive Suppliers
BlastOne with its long-term relationship with GMA Garnet offers top quality alluvial sandblasting garnet abrasive/garnet sand media – for all abrasive blasting operations
Australian Garnet Blasting media is the ideal size, density, hardness, shape, and geometry for efficient sandblasting and rust removal. Due to the garnet media uniform particle size, GMA Garnet Blasting media is ideally suited for all sandblasting operations and will flow through sandblasting pot and blast machines without blocking abrasive metering valves

Why blast with GMA Garnet Blasting media?
GMA Garnet Abrasive media is a naturally occurring mineral abrasive, which is safe to use and safe to handle
Due to the very low abrasive consumption rates through BlastOne sandblasting pots, sandblasting sand disposal quantity and costs are reduced
The garnet abrasive Abrasive media particle size provides a uniform sand blasted surface profile suitable for most high-performance paint coating systems
Garnet Abrasive media will blast faster than steel grit providing higher productivity and lower cost per square metre of abrasive blasting
This makes garnet sand and garnet abrasive ideal for use in blast rooms large or small
Due to Garnet’s high specific gravity, and clean particles, it is very low dust
GMA Garnet sandblasting abrasive meets all international specifications and standards for quality abrasive blasting medias
This Includes ISO11126 and ISO11127
GMA Garnet sand has very low / negligible free silica and extremely low levels of soluble salts and chlorides
Every batch of GMA Garnet is individually tested and traceable compliance test certificates are available for blasting contractors to provide to their quality manager or paint inspector

BlastOne’s Garnet has very low turbidity and contains virtually no fines/sludge, making it the ideal abrasive for sandblasting as it does not emit clouds of dust – making BlastOne the leading supplier of garnet abrasive blasting media /blasting media suppliers
Abrasive Garnet can be used in all wet blasting, vapour blasting, slurry blast and wet abrasive blast machines, such as Graco Ecoquip, Torbo, greener blast, dustless blasting, mist blasting and Amphiblast equipment
BlastOne has a complete range of blasting supplies and abrasive blasting equipment such as vaporblasters, bristle blasters, will blast machines, grip blasting media, Sand blast rooms and blasting chambers