Garnet Buying Guide

For over 35 years, BlastOne has been partnering with GMA Garnet to supply the cleanest and safest abrasives to contractors throughout the US, Australia, and New Zealand.  GMA has produced the highest-quality almandine garnet abrasives for the global abrasive blasting and waterjet cutting industries globally.

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Benefits of using GMA Garnet

  1. Fast Blasting = Faster job completion
  2. Lower cost to blast with = blasting faster with less abrasive saves you money
  3. Low Dust = increases your visibility and safety
  4. Better Quality results = cleaner surface for your coating to adhere too
  5. Lower Abrasive Consumption Rate = use less abrasive, clean up less abrasive

Give us your project – we will deliver a solution

Anywhere in the United States, anytime of the year, any project requirements – BlastOne has the largest stock holding of abrasives, equipment, hire equipment, supplies and more. We can deliver your project on time, and on budget.

Garnet Dust Comparison

GMA NewSteel Garnet Abrasive


NewSteel Garnet is ideal for:

  • New construction blasting
  • Light rust removal
  • Milscale removal
  • Preparation for powdercoating
  • Whip Blasting

NewSteel Garnet will blast milscale and light rust very quickly. We have experienced blasting rates in excess of 400 sq. ft./hr when doing a class SA 2.5 near-white blast removing milscale. This is typically twice as fast as what a contractor would achieve when blasting with other abrasives like crushed glass or staurolite.


  • Expected profile on mild steel – 2.0 mil
  • Recycles in a Blastroom – about 6
  • Estimated Abrasive Consumption – 1.5 to 3.0 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Comes in 55lb bags and 1 and 2 ton bulk bags
  • Same day or next day delivery for a large portion of the USA

GMA GX1 SpeedBlast Garnet Abrasive


GX1 SpeedBlast Garnet is ideal for:

  • General industrial maintenance blasting
  • Light coating removal
  • Where you are constantly changing what you are blasting from milscale to coating removal
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Pipelines

GMA GX1 SpeedBlast is the general purpose blend of garnet used in the USA for coating removal and industrial maintenance sandblasting. We typically see GX1 SpeedBlast Garnet used for the removal of 4-10 mil coatings, blasting at rates up to 300 sq. ft.


  • Expected profile on mild steel – 3 mil
  • Recycles in a Blastroom – about 6
  • Estimated Abrasive Consumption – 1.8 to 3.5 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Comes in 55lb bags and 1 and 2 ton bulk bags
  • Same day or next day delivery for many locations throughout the USA

GMA PremiumBlast Garnet Abrasive


PremiumBlast Garnet is ideal for:

  • Heavy coating and rust removal
  • Ship/Marine Coatings including offshore
  • Mining, Water Treatment Plants and Refineries
  • CUI applications (Corrosion under insulation)

GMA PremiumBlast Garnet is the coarser blend designed for coating removal projects from 200 micron up to 8-40 mil coating thickness. We also find Premium Blast used for removing heavy rust. Typical Blasting rates with PremiumBlast Garnet are up to 30m2/hr


  • Expected profile on mild steel – 93.6 mils
  • Recycles in a blast room – about 6
  • Estimated abrasive consumption – 2.0 to 4.0 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Comes in 55lb bags and 1 and 2 ton bulk bags
  • Same day or next day delivery to many locations throughout the USA

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Optimize your Blasting Equipment when using GMA Garnet!

Congratulations, you must be using GMA Garnet as your preferred abrasive. This is the worlds most superior abrasive for industrial sandblasting.

To get the most out of your garnet and to realize its full blasting potential and ability to drive additional profits to your bottom line, you need to ensure that your blasting equipment is world class.

nozzle testing kit

Operating Nozzle Pressure

  • Blast hose should be at least 3x the nozzle size. Minimise the length of your whip hose to 10 meters max.
    • General recommended Whip hose is 2-Ply SupaFlex BHS32 – 1-1/4” internal diameter
    • General recommended Blast Extension hose is 4-Ply BH40 – 1-1/2” internal diameter
  • Bull hose (air supply from compressor to the pot) should be at least 4 times your nozzle size.
    • General recommended Bull hose is BHBULL50 – 2” internal diameter
  • Blast Pot Piping should be at least 3 x the nozzle size.
    • General recommended piping is 1-1/2” internal diameter pusher line

Right Sized Hoses, all the way from the compressor

  • Checking your nozzle pressure is very important. This is something that the guy running the project should check every single day. It is the number 1 health check that can be performed every morning – it’s like stepping on the scales every morning.
  • You need over 100psi at the nozzle, if you have more then one guy blasting, make sure they are all blasting when you check it, and give it about 2 minutes of blasting to level out the pressures before you take the pressure.
  • Blast Nozzles should be replaced after they have worn out 1/32”. Your investment in a new nozzle will repay you in additional blasting productivity and lower diesel costs in less then a week. Nozzles should last 500 blasting hours.
  • A BlastOne rep can help you identify issues in your blast set up if you don’t have 100psi, but first check the compressor. A normal system will lose somewhere around 10psi from the compressor to the nozzle. If you are losing more then that, review the next few points, then call us.
Air Prep systems

Use the right sized AirPrep for moisture removal

  • Blasters who use AirPrep moisture removal systems usually find that cool, dry compressed air actually blasts up to 15% faster.
  • On an average day with low humidity a 950 AirPrep will draw up to 50 gallons of water out of the blasting air.
  • Moisture is a blaster’s worst enemy. i.e. extra material used, extra labour hours resulting in lower productivity.

With dry air it is much easier to control your abrasive flow. You will rarely need to choke your blast pot, using an AirPrep™.  This, alongside getting the abrasive metering near perfect, enables many blasters to use 25% less abrasive, just by adding an AirPrep to their blasting package.

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Accurate Metering Valve for abrasive flow

Now you have enough airflow with low moisture, you are ready to get blasting in a serious way. The final component is a abrasive metering valve that can accurately, consistently and repeatedly meter the abrasive. Fine tuned to meter your garnet, grain by grain.

The ultimate metering valve is the Schmidt TeraValve. It has a pneumatic piston which will open and shut when the blaster activates the deadman handle. This valve will open up to a specified amount, based on how far the screw cap is open, which is easy to see with the virtual position indicator.

To learn more about the TeraValve Abrasive Metering Valve

To learn more about All Abrasive Metering Valves

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