Nozzle Gaskets

Nozzle Gaskets


Nozzle gaskets (aka nozzle washers) help reduce static electricity and nozzle wear.  Below is information on the various types:

  • Brass or Aluminum nozzle holders.
    • For Medium thread (¾”), use HFGFBSP / NW-1.
    • For Contractor thread (2″), use HFGFBLP / NW-3.
    • For Fine thread (1-¼”), use HFGFBMP / NW-4.
  • Nylon nozzle holders.
    • For 1″ (Narrow) Nozzle throat, use HFG25P / NW-25.
    • For 1-¼” (Wide) Nozzle throat, use HFG32P / NW-32.

Note:  All nozzle washers are priced per pack of 10.

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Nozzle Gaskets

$9.17 - $31.82

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