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Blast Pots and Packages

With over 40 years of experience in sales and service of blasting equipment, there’s not one piece of blast and spray equipment we haven’t crawled over, under or in. We trust this page helps you to understand what type of equipment we recommend for your application.

As the “go-to-guys” for the corrosion control industry, BlastOne understand sandblasting equipment and provide unparalleled support from our teams in branch offices across all major centers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States from Ohio to California.

Your Application is WITHIN our Range

From the smallest to the largest blast machines, BlastOne has the largest range of blasting equipment in-stock and available for sale or for rent USA wide.

Mini Blast Machines

The mini blast pot range is designed for the occasional blaster or for the handyman who wants higher productivity. Our small blast pots comes in two different sizes


  • Blasting under 10 hours per week
  • Economical Startup Blaster
  • Farm Machinery
  • Highly portable

Contractor Blast Machines – Most Popular

schmidt contractor garnet abrasive blast machines pots sale hire

Designed to blast at a high productive blast, day in, day out for years. This Blast pot has been designed to withstand a contractor beating.

When using Garnet, a contractor can blast for at least 60-90 minutes without having to stop and refill the blast pot. These Blast pots are often mounted on a skid, truck or a trailer for maximum portability and quick mobilization.


  • Quick mobilization to jobsites
  • Skid, trailer or truck mounting
  • 20-40 hours per week
  • Single blasting operator
  • Two Styles to select from / Pressure Hold & Pressure Release

Stationary Blastroom Blast Equipment – Multiple operators

schmidt stationary blastroom-operators abrasive blast machines pots sale hire

This Blast pot is designed for use in a blastroom where you have multiple operators blasting at the same time. The larger capacity means that the blasters can have uninterrupted flow of media for over an hour. These pots are typically placed under an abrasive storage hopper and part of a larger abrasive recycling eco-system.


  • Multiple Operators
  • Fixed Blastroom Installation
  • 40-80 blasting hours per week
  • Highly productive

MegaBlaster Large Bulk Pot for Onsite – Multiple Operator

schmidt 160 cuft mega blaster blasting pot abrasive for sale hire

When it comes to multiple-operator onsite blasting, the largest contractors turn to the MegaBlaster, it has a super large capacity that allows 2-4 blasters to blast for 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot.

Built for continuous high production use, contractors swear by their money-saving features.

  • 75 cuft blast pot will hold 5 ton of garnet
  • 120 cuft blast pot will hold 8.2 ton of garnet
  • 160 cuft blast pot will hold 10 ton of garnet


  • Multiple Operators – up to 4 operators per blast machine
  • Large projects on different jobsites
  • Skid or Trailer mounted
  • Highest level of productivity
  • Many options available, including vacuum loading and dryer integration

Your Partner from Start to Finish

Most companies will love to take your order, but BlastOne is the only company whose mission is to create
Happy Lifetime Repeat Customers

Whatever your need, we can support you onsite or at your workplace.

Equipment and Operator Training

Equipment and Operator Training

Equipment Inspections

Equipment Inspections

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Preventative Management Programs (service contract)

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Vendor Managed Inventory

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Equipment Modernization and Retrofits

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Unique Blast Machine Ordering Considerations

Getting the optimal blast pot for your unique needs is very important. If you are serious about blasting, you will want to ensure you get a machine that supplies you the productivity you need.

Few Golden Rules about sandblasting

  1. Pressure at the blast nozzle is the #1 indicator of your productivity – you need to get a balanced system
  2. If your blast pot loses more then 3psi across it, something is wrong with its design, or something needs fixed
  3. Dry air blasts 10% faster than wet air
  4. The first question we will ask a new operator is what size compressor do you have
  5. The faster you blast, the more money you make

Abrasive Metering Valve Options

When you buy a new blast pot you will need to consider what type of blasting are you doing?

Stop/Start Blasting

If you are going to be doing blasting that requires you to blast for a minute, stop and move, or look at what you blasted before you move on, you need a TeraValve or a Thompson Valve

Occasional Blasting

If you are blasting infrequently, then you should buy a micro valve system. They operate via simple threaded plunger that will stay at the same orifice until you manually change it.

Multiple operators

For the contractors who will have blast pots with multiple operators you will need to have the Tera Valve or the Thompson Valve, these valves close when an operator shuts off his deadman handle, meaning you can have multiple blasters operating independently off the same blast pot.

A BlastOne representative can help guide you to make the right choice.

Electric or Pneumatic Operating Systems Options

Pneumatic Blast Pot Controls

Pneumatic system is the most common in Australia, the deadman system uses the air that comes from the compressor.

If you are going to be blasting with a hose longer then 40 metres, you will need to upgrade to an electric deadman system, so the operator doesn’t have a delayed pot shutdown in the case of an accident.

Electric Blast Pot Controls

Electric Deadman’s are 12volt operator. If you are a contractor working on multiple jobsites, you will typically hook it up to a battery, so make sure you buy some battery leads that will power your system. If you are using electric deadman in a fixed installation, you can buy a 240/12volt transformer to run your system.

All metering valves and deadman control lines are pneumatic, but the deadman cable that goes to the operator and tells the blast pot controls when to start and stop will be electric.

Moisture Removal System Options

The need for having dry air for blasting makes an AirPrep one of the most important components of your Blasting Equipment. The size of your moisture separator depends on the size of your blast nozzle, the larger your nozzle, the more capacity your air dryer needs. If you don’t use a moisture separator, your abrasive will get damp inside the blast pot and will not flow freely into the blasting stream – you will simply be wasting abrasive.

We do not recommend contractors use a typical MSC Style moisture separator because they don’t remove enough moisture and they lose valuable pressure.

Productivity Enhancement Package Options

 Making an additional investment to enhance your day-to-day productivity can pay off for years to come. If you can find a cost-effective way inside your budget to increase your productivity, it can give you a competitive edge when onsite.

Your blasting equipment can come in one of our pre-configured solutions.

pipeliner skid mount equipment blasting

Starter Skid

This is great if you are looking to get into blasting, typically comes with a 3.5 cuft blast pot & 250 cfm AirDryer

Blasting Equipment pipeliner skid

Pipeliner Skid

This is what the guys blasting weld joints on a pipeline would typically use, its heavy duty, with a 6.5 cuft pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, tool box and room for more abrasive, allows them to go all day without having to return for more abrasive.

pipeliner skid with compressor

Truck mounted skid

This is for those contractors that are constantly changing jobsites or who offer a quick response in the field to their customers. This large skid has a compressor, AirPrep, 1 or 2 blast pots, tool box and more.

High Production Blasting Trailer for sale hire

Trailer Mounted

This is good for the contractors who typically do commercial painting and get asked to do blasting every know and again. These contractors have trucks all fitted out with their painting gear, and just bring this blasting trailer along when they need it. It has a 6.5 pot, 400 cfm AirPrep, 400cfm compressor and room for hoses and abrasive.

pipeliner mega blaster

Crawler Mounted

This is for the serious pipeline blaster. This machine has a 4-ton blast pot that 4 blasters can blast off all day for 8 hours without having to stop and refill. This would typically be used where you are doing a complete reblast of a pipeline.

Common Blasting Packaged Accessories

What else do you need to buy when you buy a blast pot
To make it easy for our customer we group items to meet different needs.

blasting packages

Package A: Moisture Separator and Deadman Controls

This kit comes with every blast pot you buy – you can’t use it without these items

blasting packages

Package B: Package A plus Blast Hose, Nozzle and Lid/Screen

These are the most common accessories bought with the blast pot when someone has existing equipment that they are just expanding or replacing existing equipment

blasting packages

Package C: Package B plus Operator Safety Equipment

This is what customers buy when they are adding on another crew or outfitting another blasting truck

blasting packages

Package D: Package C plus PPE and Spare Parts

This is the typical package purchased by customers that are starting blasting for the first time or starting up in a new area in the country and need everything to get going.

Finally – don’t forget abrasive

Talk to one of our team about what you are planning to blast, and we can get you the right grade of garnet.

Ring our consultants today on 1-800-999-1881 to discuss your requirements.

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