DeFelsko® PosiTest® LPD Verifier


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This PosiTest LPD verifier is designed to check the accuracy of the low-voltage pinhole detector.  

In addition to checking accuracy, the Verifier can be used to calibrate the LPD if used in conjunction with a digital multimeter (not included). 

Each PosiTest LPD Verifier comes complete with a Decade Box, connection cable, and instructions.  


DeFelsko® PosiTest® LPD Verifier

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The effectiveness of pinhole detection is critical in ensuring the integrity and durability of protective coatings. The DeFelsko® PosiTest® LPD Verifier is specifically developed to confirm the electrical resistance accuracy of the PosiTest® LPD, a critical factor in the successful identification of holidays, pinholes, and other discontinuities in coatings. 

This verifier kit includes a decade box, which is instrumental in calibrating and verifying the resistance measurements, and a cable to connect the decade box to the PosiTest® LPD. The inclusion of a detailed calibration verification procedure ensures that users can confidently assess and maintain the accuracy of their equipment. 

To complete the optional calibration process, users will require a calibrated multimeter (not included) . This step ensures that the instrument operates within the specified parameters for reliable and accurate detection of coating flaws.