Repair Kit for ADS1600 Air Motor

Repair Kit for ADS1600 Air Motor

SKU: AC130016099

Boost the efficiency of your AirPrep Air Motor with our Repair Kit for ADS1600 Air Motor. Complete with 4 vanes, seals, and bearings, ensuring prime motor performance. 

  • Inclusive of 4 resilient vanes, seals, and bearings for a complete motor overhaul.
  • High-grade components guarantee prolonged motor performance and durability.
  • Essential for restoring and maintaining optimal air motor functionality.
  • Available as an all-encompassing kit for utmost user convenience.
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Repair Kit for ADS1600 Air Motor

Sku: AC130016099

Revitalize your AirPrep Air Motor with the Repair Kit exclusively designed for AC130016003 (ACS1600 and ADS1600). This comprehensive kit is your ultimate solution for maintaining the peak performance of your motor, offering a proactive approach to wear and potential breakdowns. 

The kit encompasses 4 sturdy vanes, precision-engineered seals, and high-quality bearings, ensuring your motor runs like new after maintenance. Each component is meticulously curated to ensure a seamless fit and function with the AirPrep Air Motor, delivering unmatched performance and extending the motor's lifespan.

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