AirPrep Deliquescent Refill Tablets

  • Suits the AirPrep ADS Series
  • Replacement deliquescent tablets to refill an air dryer.
  • Also referred to as desiccant tablets
  • Hard, white tablets can absorb up to 4 times their own weight in water!
  • Comes in 50 lb bags, 40 bags per pallet

AirPrep Deliquescent Refill Tablets

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Deliquescent Desiccant Tablets work by absorbing moisture out of the air. Salts are the active ingredient in these tablets due to their strong affinity for moisture. The tablets absorb airborne moisture, convert it into liquid water and dissolve. They are extremely hard and retain their shape as they dissolve. This prevents them from caking, fusing or crushing, while maximizing the amount of moist air that comes into contact with the tablets.

Each pound of Dry-o-Lite deliquescent tablets will absorb 3.5 to 4 pounds of water, and the length of time they take to dissolve depends on factors like air temperature and relative humidity. (RH) Compressed air dew point can be reduced by up to 25ºF! (14ºC)

Many people are surprised at the volume of water that our Deliquescent Desiccant tablets will remove from compressed air, even in hot and dry or desert climates! We see gallons of water accumulated over just a few hours of blasting – that’s why it’s important to regularly empty the tank, at least daily.

BlastOne AirPreps are filled with a bed of glass marbles in the bottom of the air tank, which prevents the deliquescent desiccant tablets from immersion in the accumulated water, which would decrease their useful life.

It is recommended to keep the Air Prep Dryer topped up with deliquescent tablets to ensure the air has adequate time in contact with the tablets for maximum drying effectiveness.

Wondering how many bags of tablets you need to refill your air dryer? Refer to the below handy guide

Air Dryer Model # of deliquescent bags to fill
ACSD250 / ADS250 2
ACSD400 / ADS400 6
ACSD750 / ADS750 9
ACSD950 / ADS950 9
ACSD1200 / ADS1200 9
ACSD1600 / ADS1600 16
BlastOne Hybrid MegaBlaster, Dryer tank 1/2