Replacement Teflon Dust Seal for RotorBlast

Replacement Teflon Dust Seal for RotorBlast

  • IPC1013A, RB-10-2 Replacement Dust Seal
  • Dust Seals are the main wear item in the RotorBlast – this is an optional longer-life version than the standard leather type 
  • For IPC1000 RotorBlast
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Replacement Teflon Dust Seal for RotorBlast



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Replacement Teflon Dust Seal for RotorBlast

Sku: IPC1013A

The IPC1013A RB-10-2 Replacement Teflon Dust Seal offers a longer-lasting alternative to the standard leather dust seals used in the IPC1000 RotorBlast. Dust seals are the primary wear items in the RotorBlast, and upgrading to this teflon version ensures superior durability and extended service life. This replacement seal is specifically designed to fit the IPC1000 RotorBlast, providing a reliable barrier against dust and debris while maintaining optimal tool performance. 

Constructed from high-quality teflon, this dust seal withstands rigorous use and harsh conditions, offering a significant improvement over traditional leather seals. Sold individually, this genuine replacement part guarantees compatibility and easy installation, making it an essential component for maintaining the efficiency of your RotorBlast tool.

  • Designed for the IPC1000 RotorBlast
  • Teflon dust seal offers enhanced durability and longer service life
  • Superior alternative to standard leather dust seals
  • Essential for maintaining tool performance and protection against contaminants
  • Sold individually to meet specific maintenance needs
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