Sponge-Jet B-Vac Pro™ 4 Integrated Sponge Blasting System Package


The Sponge-Jet B-Vac Pro is a premium system that integrates the 3 essential processes of sponge blasting into a single unit.  It is designed to reduce space requirements and deployment time, and is the most popular Sponge-Jet integrated system.  Due to it’s built-in vacuum system, it reduces the personnel need by 1 person, which makes it price-competitive on jobs of 4+ days duration.  Available for purchase or rent.

Selected features include:

  • Feed Unit.  Large capacity pneumatic 470-SJ model with up to 2 hours blasting time.
  • Recycler.  Pneumatic 50-P recycler with up-sized screen for faster processing.
  • Vacuum.  With 11 inches of mercury, this powerful vacuum will transport up to 18 lbs of media per minute.
  • Lifting frame.  Rugged design allows this 6500 lb unit to be transported by forklift or crane.  Built in ladder included.
  • Other features.  Includes pressure relief valve, high-capacity muffler, secondary moisture separator, and more.
  • Selected Options.
    • 55-gallon drop-out drum, which when positioned in-line with the vacuum system, reduces the dust loading on the vacuum filter.
    • Stand-alone moisture separator. Excellent for use when the primary air dryer is at a distance from the blasting unit.

Note:  Due to our distribution agreement with Sponge-Jet, pricing is not shown on our website.  Contact us for fast, competitive pricing or send in the web-form quote request.

Sponge-Jet B-Vac Pro™ 4 Integrated Sponge Blasting System Package

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The Sponge-Jet B-VAC™ Pro 4 stands out as the premium choice among integrated blasting and recycling systems.  This system combines all essential components into a single, robust frame, facilitating transport by forklift, flatbed, or crane.

Key features include an integrated, vacuum-sealed Sponge-Jet Recycler™, high-volume but low-noise vacuum ejector, and a durable high-strength steel frame with an integrated ladder for easy access. The system also boasts cyclone storage silos for efficient media separation, a high-capacity muffler to minimize operational noise, and centralized controls for precise monitoring and adjustments. With options for pneumatic or electric vacuum and recycler, the B-VAC Pro 4 caters to diverse project requirements.

The internal agitation assembly ensures consistent Sponge Media flow, while the adjustable, pneumatic-driven auger metering system maximizes media efficiency at all blast pressures. Safety features like an integrated E-Stop and remote deadman control system underscore the system’s commitment to operator well-being. Its use of high-quality, industry-standard components guarantees long-lasting, trouble-free operation with easy maintenance and part replacement, supported by multi-language documentation and color-coded pneumatic lines for straightforward troubleshooting.