Sponge-Jet® Sponge Blast Pots


Portable Sponge-Jet® feed units (aka Sponge Pots) come in a variety of configurations to suit almost every application.  From small, value-based units to fully featured machines, sponge feed units are designed for the ultimate in low-dust abrasive blasting. Seven configurations are available, as follows:

  • RASP Xtreme™ 3:
    • Highly portable & fits thru a 24 inch manway
    • Holds 1 bag of new sponge media (5-7 minutes)
    • Includes pressure relief valve (PRV) & integrated wheels
    • Great for spot work
    • 127 lb. empty weight
  • 100-HP Feed Unit™:
    • Great balance between size, cost & blast time
    • Fits through a 30″ doorway
    • Holds 3 bags of new sponge media
    • Includes PRV, secondary moisture separator & wheels
    • Great for preservation work
    • 480 lb. empty weight
  • CG Series (Contractor Grade Series):
    • 2 sizes available:
      • 170-CG – holds 5 bags of new sponge media
      • 470-CG – holds 13 bags of new sponge media
    • Value series – ideal where few features are required
    • Includes fork pockets
    • Great for yard work
    • 600 lb. / 1142 lb. empty weights for 170-CG / 470-CG
  • SJ Series (Feed Unit Series):
    • 2 sizes available:
      • 170-SJ – holds 5 bags of new sponge media
      • 170-EX – similar to 170-SJ, but ATEX 2 rated for potentially flammable environments
      • 470-SJ – holds 13 bags of new sponge media
    • Fully featured, includes:
      • Pressure relief valve
      • Secondary moisture separator
      • Muffler
      • Frame w/casters and lifting lugs
      • Centralized controls
    • Great for field work
    • 900 lb / 1000 lb / 1515 lb empty weights respectively

All new feed units come with choice of WEV or Saber nozzle.  We recommend the Saber nozzle due to it’s much higher value.  In addition, optional equipment such as the manifold/moisture separator, the vacuum drums, etc. are less costly if purchased when a feed unit is purchased.

Note:  Due to our distribution agreement with Sponge-Jet, pricing is not shown on our website.  Contact us for fast, competitive pricing or send in the web-form quote request.

Sponge-Jet® Sponge Blast Pots


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Sponge-Jet Sponge Blast Pots are uniquely designed for sponge media in surface preparation and cleaning processes. They have an internal agitation assembly that ensures a continuous and reliable flow of Sponge Media abrasives. The adjustable, pneumatic-driven auger metering system allows precise control over media flow, maximizing efficiency and reducing media consumption across all blasting pressures.  Seven models to choose from!

Key Features:

  • Optimal Media Flow: The innovative agitation and metering systems prevent clogging and ensure a smooth, consistent media delivery, crucial for high-quality surface results.
  • Built for Safety: Includes safety features like an integrated E-Stop and a remote deadman control system to protect operators during blasting operations.
  • Robust Construction: Utilizes high-quality, industry-standard components that ensure long-lasting performance and minimal downtime due to maintenance.
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with multi-language labels and instruction manuals, alongside online training tools, making it accessible to a diverse workforce.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Designed with extended service features such as permanently lubricated air motor and auger bearings, alongside easy troubleshooting facilitated by color-coded pneumatic lines.