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Terminal: Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore
Object ID: TK T553
Tank Height: 16.5 m (54 feet)
Tank diameter: 43 m (141 feet)
Coating contractor: Fast Weld
Total surface coated: 2984 m2 (32,119 ft2)
Type of coatings used:  Interseal® 670HS (primer), Interthane® 990 (topcoat)

On this particular site, the painting process was traditionally labor-intensive.

Conventional methods demanded the use of paint rollers, augmented by a 2K protective coating to shield the tank against corrosion. This approach was not just painstaking but fraught with challenges. Gondolas moved laboriously around the tank, while workers took precarious positions at towering heights to complete the painting. The inherent risks and complexities were undeniable.

Recognizing the pressing need for an alternative, the solution emerged in the form of Qlayers’ state-of-the-art 10Q robot.

QLayers Chevron Penjuru 3


The objective was clear—coat the tank swiftly post its high-pressure water jet cleaning, eliminating the need for exhaustive tank maintenance. While a UHP robot, not a Qlayers product, tackled surface preparation, its pace was notably slower compared to the swift 10Q robot assigned to the coating task. A strategic decision was made: first, let the surface preparation span over two days and then usher in the 10Q robot to dominate the coating landscape. All signs pointed to an estimated project duration of five days for the coating endeavors.


Living up to its reputation, the 10Q robot delivered precisely as anticipated—a coating par excellence. The resultant layer showcased remarkable consistency in thickness, effortlessly aligning with the set standards and predetermined specifications.

Admittedly, the journey had its challenges. Surface preparation and inspection threw a few curveballs, and unpredictable weather conditions added to the complexity. Yet, through it all, Qlayers stood unwavering, ensuring that the coating operation met the benchmarks set in agreement with both the asset owner and the contractor. The impressive figures spoke for themselves:

  • 2195 ft2/hr (204 m2/hr): Remarkable coating speed.
  • 6.88 mils (175 μm): Primer average wet layer thickness.
  • 6.88 mils (175 μm): Topcoat average wet layer thickness.


This project stands as a testament to Qlayers’ alignment with BlastOne’s brand promise –  delivering solutions that are “Faster, Safer, Cleaner.” Their dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that age-old challenges find modern, efficient solutions.

10Q Case study - Chevron Penjuru, Singapore
QLayers Chevron Penjuru 4

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