Qlayers 10Q Painting Robot

Qlayers 10Q Painting Robot


This package includes the following: 

  • 10Q Painting Robot
  • Trailer Package to contain pumps and controls
  • Graco Plural Sprayer 
    • Mixing at the pump for 2 pack coatings 
    • Can be used with a single pack
  • Ventilation unit for the robotic paint head
  • Robotic painting head with gun
  • Maximum of 150 ft of hose from the trailer to the robot
  • Fall arrest 
  • $420,000 to $470,000 depending on configuration

Additional components such as heat, power, and accessories, are dependent on the configuration. Contact us to learn more. 

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Qlayers 10Q Painting Robot

Sku: RUQL10Q

The 10Q robot is a game-changer for large industrial storage tank coating projects.  Asset owners will appreciate the Faster, Cleaner, and Safer technology, which reduces tank downtime.  Coating contractors will find that this cutting-edge technology will enable them to stay competitive in a changing market.  Some benefits include: 

  • Precision. Automation allows for accurate prediction of degradation and maintenance 
  • Speed. Consistent coating speed can surpass 2000 sq ft per hour
  • Safety. Reduces hours of working at dangerous heights
  • Reducing Waste. Up to 40% paint savings due to overspray control and high transfer efficiency 
  • Environmentally Friendly. Eliminates overspray and release of chemicals
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