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BlastOne has nearly 50 years of experience in design, engineering, and servicing paint rooms and booths in America, Australia, and globally. BlastOne is the undistributed industry expert. BlastOne has a unique process to conceptualize design and build high-performance spray paint rooms and booths for many industrial applications – from small, containerized rooms to multi-million-dollar paint facilities.


Paint Booths / Rooms Draft Clone Only
Paint Booths / Rooms Draft Clone Only

The retractable work area system is the ideal solution for painting heavy, hard-to-manage work pieces. The whole work area can be simply folded away and pulled around the item, once it has been craned into position. This type of spray booth is also the answer to that ‘occasional use’ situation as it is simply folded away leaving that valuable work area for other work processes


  • How long does the sheeting last?

    • It will last for many years. The strippable coating is supplied with every booth and is first applied when the booth is new.
    • When the sheeting becomes covered with overspray you simply peel it off and reapply.
    • Also, (it is not 100% puncture-proof) but has a re-inforcing grid of ¾”/20mm sq which stops cuts from traveling. The sheeting can be replaced, but note, it doesn’t come under much stress as mostly it would only be pulled in and out 2 – 5 times a day, and the folds are not ‘creased’, only loosely folded.

  • How strong is the frame?

    • The framework is made from 50×25 RHS and 25×25 RHS meaning at every module join you effectively have a 50×50 post with a cross stiffener. The frame members are connected with 10mm pins which have little or no load on them.
    • All designs are fully engineered.
    • For larger booths, larger framing may be required.

  • How big can you go?

    • We haven’t done our biggest booth yet! 6.0m high is no problem, and 12.0m Wide is available with some additional engineering.
    • For larger booths heavier-duty wheels are used, as well as double wheels; a standard wheel takes 75kg each which is over and above any required load.

  • Can you install heating in a retractable booth?

    • Due to the work area being retractable, non-insulated, and not sealed to the floor it is not considered practical to fit heating.

  • How much are they?

    • They are around the same price as a fixed booth.
    • They are not a ‘cheap option’. They are an ‘a tool for a use’ and are to be considered for their features and advantages.

  • Why buy a Retractable Booth?

    • The main reason clients install a Retractable Booth is for use with overhead or mobile lifting equipment.
    • Items can be easily placed into position when the booth is retracted, and the work area is simply pulled over it.
    • A secondary reason is that the client must have a booth but only uses it occasionally.



  • Adaptable

    • The Retractable work area System can be coupled with any extraction system, either the Dry Filter or the Water Wash System.

  • Spray Painting Work Area When You Need It

    • The retractable design allows you to crane heavy ‘immovable items’ into place and then by extending the work area around it, it is now inside a spray booth. You can now spray paint without having to send everyone home.

  • Modular

    • Our retractable spray booth is a modular system which means it can be added to, or subtracted from, at any time. It also means any repairs or maintenance required is confined to one section of the work area and does not need a total replacement.

  • Space-saving Design

    • The work area consists of a uniquely designed folding-frame mechanism that can be ‘concertina-ed’ away to leave your valuable floor space available for other activities.

  • Strong and Sturdy Construction

    • The Folding-Frame Mechanism is constructed from 50 x 25 RHS with a durable powder coat finish which makes for a long-lasting product that endures the tests of constant use.
    • The cover-sheeting is a clear flame-retardant PVC which allows for excellent visibility and long-life operation.

  • Excellent Visibility and Flexibility

    • The clear cover-sheeting allows for excellent visibility, and due to its modular design can be made to accommodate almost any location or workpiece size.


  • Sturdy steel frame construction ensures your unique requirements are met every time!
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Approved filtration system
  • Airflow throughout the entire work area
  • Switchboard complete with the purge system
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the current Spray Booth Standards – AS4114
  • Clear flame retardant anti-static (FRAS) sheeting
  • 12-month warranty
  • Over 30 years of spray booth manufacturing experience
  • Comprehensive instruction manual



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