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Blasting Robot Completes Project 4 Days Ahead of 14 Day Timeline



Australia is a nation where industrial services are significantly influenced by modernization, progress and safety. This is noticeable with the government’s attitude toward such subjects: For example: In terms of health and safety, Safework Australia (a statutory body of the Australian Government) manages strict laws within the nation for all industries to abide by. Within Queensland, production quality and speed are important for business owners. Hundreds of manufacturing and coating businesses are currently operating within the region, and more and more continue to open doors to service and compete within the ever growing needs of the state. Competition is obviously high for Glindemann Industrial Coatings, and with top level service required to attract clients, progression and modernization prove to be key factors to providing such services.

In 2020 Glindemann Industrial Coatings was presented by the company, IOR Petroleum, the challenge of converting an existing crude oil tank (floating roof) into a diesel storage tank within a time frame of 18 days with a team of 8 workers. Tasks included: the safe and efficient removal of the existing crude oil within the 72 ft high x 184 ft wide (22m high X 56m) tank AND to clean the internal walls of the tank, top to bottom, in a means of preparing for the diesel to be contained within. Productivity, high level health and safety and maintaining budgets were all subjects of importance to both Glindemann Industrial Coatings and IOR Petroleum (client) alike.


Glindemann Industrial Coatings reached out to BlastOne Australia in early 2020 to inquire about the VertiDrive M7 magnetic robotic crawler.  They discovered, via the Vertidrive YouTube page, the existence of such solutions which advertised the following metal cleaning services:- 60m² / 646 ft² per hour,- Up to 7x more efficient,- Up to 8x faster than manual work,- Up to 86% cost reduction.

Intrigued and ready to take his business to the next level, Glindemann went about renting the Vertidrive M7 model to put the crawler to immediate use upon a high scale job for IOR Petroleum Australia where Glindemann Industrial Coatings was hired to clean and de-oil (de-oiling into an approved 20ft container) a crude oil tank being converted to a diesel storage tank.


The cleaning of the IOR Petroleum crude oil tank was completed 4 days early within a timeframe of 14 days in total. Without staff physically required to work at height, the danger of the cleaning was minimized and a team of 3 workers, reduced from 8 members, were all that were necessary to complete the cleaning.The Vertidrive M7 magnetic crawler itself produced a thorough and consistent WJ2 clean with its 20,000psi (around 1400 Bar) – 16Lpm of water pressure and flow produced.


Described by workers, the VertiDrive M7 was said to be lightweight and could be easily lifted to its required locations of work, which was noticeably disadvantageous when utilizing other blasting products. The workers enjoyed the M7’s ease of accessibility with the ability to focus rotor jets into tight spaces with the arm of the robotic crawler. The calculated budgets were achieved for the cleaning and it was reported by the client that thanks to the Vertidrive M7, money was saved and production rates were increased. The VertiDrive M7 was used for 75 hours in total at an astonishing average production rate of 840 ft2 (78 m2) per hour.

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