VertiDrive V400 Closed-Loop UHP Robot


RENT or PURCHASE this surface preparation work-horse!

The next-generation V400 Ultra High Pressure VertiDrive. Bringing enhanced technology to closed-loop UHP projects.

  • Faster.  V400 robotic technology is up to 5X faster than manual work.
  • Cleaner.  The rust, coatings, and contaminants are removed and returned to the vacuum via the closed-circuit system.  
  • Safer.  Remote control operation removes the operator from harms way.
  • Capable.  Boosted magnetic performance allows standard operation on carbon steel surfaces that are horizontal, vertical, and even upside-down!
  • Environmentally friendly.  Contaminants don’t just fall to the surface or blow away in the wind.  The V400 brings them back to the vacuum source for responsible disposal.
  • Productive.  Has an extra-wide 15.5″ (400 mm) cleaning width

Note:  UHP does not create surface profile , but exposes the existing profile.

We recommend that this equipment be used on large, flat surfaces (like tanks or ship hulls) with at least 10,000 square feet to realize cost savings.  Can be used with existing UHP pumps or BlastOne can arrange.  Purchase pricing is typically between $165,000 and $204,000 depending on configuration.

BlastOne can provide on-site training and ongoing support to ensure maximum productivity from Day 1.  Schedule a call with our SMEs to calculate an expected ROI for your next project.

VertiDrive V400 Closed-Loop UHP Robot

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Cost-efficient and timely removal of industrial coatings, corrosion and similar contamination on large steel surfaces like ship hulls and storage tanks is a monumental challenge. On large steel surfaces and structures the VertiDrive V400 is the industry standard when it comes to providing the most comprehensive cleaning and blasting solution. Site workers are able to operate more safely and efficiently – which ultimately translates to lower costs! The VertiDrive Vacuum System dries large steel surfaces immediately – preventing flash rust. Due to less waste, other site technicians are free to simultaneously perform other tasks – which translates to both time and money saved! Operator safety is ensured via the V400’s ability to be wirelessly controlled at distance. This comprehensive blasting solution is available for Hire, Rental or Purchase in Australia, New Zealand and USA. It’s Like Blasting On Autopilot!

  • Allows for up to 92% cost reduction
  • Low maintenance and easy to transport from site to site
  • Environmentally friendly


How is the V400 Series different from the M4? 

  • New lightweight wheels and tires for ultimate adhesion 
  • Stronger Front Magnets 
    • The stronger magnets at the front of the V400 provides a greater ability to drive upside down. 
  • Adjustable Magnet Distance
    • Allows the V400 to traverse easier traverse over welds, bolts, and nuts (Maximum obstacle height of 20mm). 
  • Stronger Motors 
    • Carries a greater payload of 150kg, an increase from the previous 80kg payload.
  • Cooled control box option 
    • The new cooled control box option means the Vertidrive can be used above 35 degrees Celsius without overheating.