VertiDrive V700 Blasting Robot

VertiDrive V700 Blasting Robot


RENT or PURCHASE this surface preparation work-horse! The next-generation V700 VertiDrive. Boosting performance and profits on large blasting projects.

Purchase pricing is typically between $125,000 and $204,000, depending on configuration.

BlastOne can provide on-site training and ongoing support to ensure maximum productivity from Day 1.  Schedule a call with our SMEs to calculate and expected ROI for your next project.

  • Faster Production.  Now holds up to 3 nozzles and each nozzle is up to 30% faster than the best hand blasting.  Highest productivity of any robotic blasting system!
  • Cleaner Surface.  Provides consistent blasting quality by adjustment of equipment speed to the specific surface needs.
  • Safer.  Remote control operation removes the operator from harms way.
  • Capable.  Boosted magnetic performance allows standard operation on carbon steel surfaces that are horizontal, vertical, and now even upside-down!
  • Versatile.  The V700 can be configured in 3 ways:
    • Abrasive Blasting.  Can blast either wet or dry.
    • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) coating removal.
    • Power Wash surface cleaning.
  • Reduced Cost-of-Ownership.  The VertiDrive V700 has the lowest maintenance cost of any blasting robot.
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Note:  We recommend that this equipment be used on large, flat surfaces (like tanks or ship hulls) and can deliver cost savings on projects as small as 10,000 square feet.  Not all medias can be used with the VertiDrive. Can be used with existing blast or UHP equipment, or BlastOne can provide new and updated equipment.

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VertiDrive V700 Blasting Robot

Sku: RUBVDV700

On large steel surfaces and structures the VertiDrive V700 Blasting Robot is the industry standard when it comes to providing the most comprehensive cleaning and blasting solution. Cost-efficient and timely removal of industrial coatings, corrosion and similar contamination on large steel surfaces like ship hulls and storage tanks is a monumental challenge. Site workers are able to operate more safely and efficiently - which ultimately translates to lower costs! Operator safety is ensured via the V700's ability to be wirelessly controlled at distance. How is the V700 Series different from the M7? 
  • Stronger Motors (140W vs 315W)
    • The stronger 315W motor means the Vertidrive V700 can use 3 x SnakeBite XQ #10, an increase from 3 x SnakeBite XQ #8 – Increased productivity!
    • Carries a greater payload of 150kg, an increase from the previous 100kg payload.
    • Work 50% of capacity – lower maintenance cost
  • Improved Frame Design 
    • The V700 has a more robust, suitable for harsh industrial environments
    • The new cooled control box option means the Vertidrive can be used above 35 degrees Celsius without overheating.
    • Enhanced frame design leads to easier maintenance
  • Stronger Rear Magnet
    • The stronger magnet at the rear of the V700 provides a greater ability to drive upside down.
  • Adjustable Magnet Distance 
    • Allows the V700 to traverse easier welds and other obstacles e.g. It is easier to use on a tank floor with steel plates welded over each other.
    • Higher heights – Payload
    • Allows further optimisation per application
  • Improved swing arm support
    • Allows the use of higher pressures at the UHP or blast nozzle. Higher thrust on the swing arm = higher performance!
    • Increases the lifetime of the gearbox due to lower load on the gearbox
  • Maintenance costs are lower 
    • Up to 50% lower OPEX cost due to improved design, new motors, swing arm support etc.
    • Downtime is reduced which means more blast/operational time
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