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Fastest Tank Turn-Arounds

Top 4 Texas-Sized Solutions

Faster       ✓ Safer      ✓ Cleaner

For over 50 years, BlastOne has helped dramatically cut asset downtime on oil & gas painting projects.

The following products return your tanks to operational status in less time (while never compromising quality!)


Houston Technology Day – November 30, 2023

#1. The VertiDrive Robot

A breakthrough solution for labor shortages as well as keeping your crew safely off ropes or scaffolding!

Vertidrive Blasting Robot

Use 3 (#8) Nozzles Simultaneously

Does the Work of 3 Manual Blasters

Automate Timing and Speed

Blast Walls, Floors, Even Upside-Down

Keeps Operators Out of Harm’s Way

Abrasive Blasting or Pressure Wash

Vertidrive in operation

#2. QLayers Programmable Painting Robot

Up to 50% LESS paint consumption!

Qlayers Coating Robots Buying Guide

Up to 50% less paint consumption leads up to a 40% coating cost savings!

Reduce working hours at dangerous heights by up to 85%.

Delivers finely-tuned alignment of paint carriage, delivering precise feathering between rows.

Eliminates overspray & release of chemicals inot the environment.

#3. The SnakeBite™ Nozzle

SnakeBite™ nozzles are the World’s Quietest Blast Nozzles – and include the World’s Highest Production Nozzle – The Strike!

Snakebite Strike #10 Blast Nozzle

The SnakeBite Strike

The World’s Highest Production #10 Blast Nozzle

1/2 the thrust of standard #10 nozzles

Thrust feels like a #7 nozzle

54% more productive than a #8 Ultra nozzle

Up to 16dB noise reduction – That’s 75% quieter!

Built to last 400+ hours

Ideal for blasting Acres of Steel such as storage
tanks, bridges and ship hulls

#4. GMA Garnet Abrasive

High-Performance GMA Garnet will cut faster, with less dust, causing you to use less, which means less clean-up!

GMA Premium Blasting Garnet

“When we use garnet our guys can see!”

“The only thing I’ll use here-on-out is GMA Garnet”

“We’ve found that using garnet reduces labor, increases visibility, reduces dust, (and) it speeds productivity.”

#5. Bonus – Productivity Insight

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