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BlastOne has nearly 50 years of experience in design, engineering, and servicing paint rooms and booths in America, Australia, and globally. BlastOne is the undistributed industry expert. BlastOne has a unique process to conceptualize design and build high-performance spray paint rooms and booths for many industrial applications – from small, containerized rooms to multi-million-dollar paint facilities.


The ultimate in surface finish and production is an Industrial Spray Booth that can give you the same working environment every day regardless of time or season. Backed by our in-house engineering team, a large range of options and configurations are available to suit your specific needs.


  • What sizes do curing oven spray booths come in?

    • Positive Pressure/Temperature Controlled Spray Booths are custom-made to your specific requirements and to suit the workpieces and production flows of the particular facility.

  • How are they heated?

    • A number of different energy sources can be used to heat a spray booth. These range from gas, electricity, or diesel. The most efficient and commonly used medium is gas.
      • Gas (either natural or LPG) is the most economical heating medium. The heating is provided by a burner which can transfer heat to the incoming air via a Direct or Indirect design. Direct burners are the most efficient.
      • Electric burners are convenient if a constant supply is available at a very low cost. However, they are more costly to manufacture and are slower to come up to temperature.
      • Diesel burners are also feasible if a reliable and cost-effective supply is available. However, this is often a challenge and consequently, they are not well-serviced, or commonly used.

  • How do I control humidity?

    • Humidity is ‘Relative Humidity’; this means it is relative to the temperature. Therefore, under most normal climatic conditions the high RH is adjusted by increasing the temperature, which is easily done by including a burner in the design. See the previous question.
    • If the next level of control is required then a humidifier/de-humidifier system can be included in the design.

  • Can they be built fully above ground?

    • There are two (2) types of Airflow Designs that can be built without any in-ground work:
      • Semi-Down Draft: This design is for Stop- End Booths whereby the booth is exhausted through the rear wall and replacement air enters through the ceiling at the front. This produces a horizontal airflow direction.
      • Side-Down Draft: This design is for both Stop- End and Drive-Thru Booths whereby the booth is exhausted through the lower section of the side walls and replacement air enters through the center of the ceiling. This produces a vertical airflow direction.
      • NOTE: Full Down Draft designs require either an in-ground Pit or an Elevated Floor.

  • Are they available as in kit form?

    • Due to the complexities involved in the design and configuration of the ventilation system including the temperature control system, balancing the airflow, and controlling spray and bake modes, BlastOne only supplies these designs as a turnkey project.


Our modular and versatile designs allow for a large range of configurations which means installing the spray booth that is perfectly suited to your application has never been easier.

Our range of airflow systems means you can easily configure the booth to suit your work pieces and workflow. Booths can be made for large or small components with end or side access, or as drive-through. This allows for added efficiency and production opportunities.

Industrial spray booths take up the least footprint with all machinery mounted on the roof where possible. This enables the best use of floor space whilst keeping all serviceable components readily accessible.

The unique door design enables the doors to be folded flat against the booth which in turn provides the maximum free space at the entrance.

The innovative designs offered by most spray booths can be installed directly onto the concrete floor of your workshop making on-site time quick and simple. It also makes any relocation an easy process.

Developed through experience, our fittings, equipment, and machinery have been refined to provide a long service life for a demanding industry. With an emphasis on ease of maintenance, you are guaranteed a high-performing facility for many years.



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