GVS / RPB PX5 / HX5 PAPR Powered Air-Purifying Respirators


The GVS / RPB PAPR units redefine what it means to be a powered air purifying respirator with comfort being a priority along with safety.  The 2 versions (PX5 and HX5) are very similar and both offer a long list of features.  A document comparing the PX5 vs the HX5 is under the Documents tab.  Features and benefits are as follows:

  • Sleek and modern. Strategically distributes weight through it’s mounting.
  • Light weight.  Weighing as little as 2.55 lbs, they are designed to fit comfortably for all-day use.
  • Positive Pressure.  Removes the hassle and expense of fit testing and clean-shaven requirements.
  • Comfortable.  
    • The PX5 has 3 different air-flow speeds.
    • The HX5 has a single air-flow speed.
  • Versatile.  Variety of PX5 filters and cartridges available for various applications including HEPA for particulates, as well as Organic Vapor (OV), Acid Gas (AG), and Multi-Gas.  The HX5 is compatible with the HEPA filter only.
  • Safe.   They alarm when the battery is low and when the airflow is blocked.  The PX5 has visual, audible, and vibrating alarms, making them great for high-noise environments.  The HX5 has the visual and audible alarms only.  Both units are designed to prevent use if filter is not installed.
  • Flexible.  Available in the following configurations:
    • Battery.  PX5 / HX5 PAPR batteries are available in standard or high capacities.  
    • Mounts.  Available with a standard belt or an optional back-pack mount.
    • Ratings.  Available with an optional FR rating. Offers a spark arrestor insert to protect the filters while welding or grinding.  
  • Cleanable.  The PX5 ingress is certified to IP65 (light spray) and can be decontaminated easily.  The HX5 is certified to IP53 (wipe-down ).
  • Easy-to-use.  Intuitive LED user interface indicates airflow, fan speed, and battery level.
  • Portable.  Without an attached airline (or need for compressed air), these PAPR systems makes it easy to perform your work safely.

Note:  PAPR systems circulate filtered ambient air, and are not compatible with climate control devices or cool tubes.

Additional Note:  Contact us before purchasing if product will be used in an explosive atmosphere.

GVS / RPB PX5 / HX5 PAPR Powered Air-Purifying Respirators


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The PX5 and HX5 are portable, battery powered filtration systems protecting the user from contaminants and particulates in the immediate environment. The clean filtered air is then delivered via a breathing tube connected to the user’s respirator.