DeFelsko® Plastic Shims for Coating Thickness Instruments


Thickness Standards are used to verify the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges.  As a component of ISO 9000 or in-house quality control procedures, they are a practical alternative to sending instruments to DeFelsko for calibration.

These Plastic Shims (aka foils) are low-cost alternative to coated metal plates.  They are available in Certified (individual shims or full sets) and in Un-Certified sets.  Accuracy is somewhat less than metal plates and they are more sensitive to heat. They are intended for use over a Zero Plate, or over an uncoated substrate.

A set of un-certified plastic shims is included with most electronic DeFelsko coating thickness gauges.  Replacement sets and certified options are available here as follows:

  • Un-Certified.  These are checked for accuracy within tolerance shown below at DeFelsko, but are not traceable to any standard. They come as a set of 5 only, in the following approximate thicknesses:
    • 25 microns / 1 mil (Orange), +- 20% accuracy
    • 50 microns / 2 mils (Red), +- 10% accuracy
    • 125 microns / 5 mils (Blue), +- 5% accuracy
    • 250 microns / 10 mils (Brown), +- 5% accuracy
    • 500 microns / 20 mils (Yellow), +- 5% accuracy
  • Certified.  Includes certificate of calibration traceable to PTB and all are accurate to within 2 microns / 0.08 mils.  Available in the following thicknesses individually, or as a complete set of 8 shims:
    • 25 microns / 1 mil (Orange)
    • 50 microns / 2 mils (Red)
    • 75 microns / 3 mils (Green)
    • 125 microns / 5 mils (Blue)
    • 250 microns / 10 mils (Brown)
    • 500 microns / 20 mils (Yellow)
    • 1000 microns / 40 mils (White)
    • 1500 microns / 60 mils (Black)

DeFelsko® Plastic Shims for Coating Thickness Instruments


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This DeFelsko® range of Plastic Shims is designed to support regular verification of electronic coating thickness gages. These shims are an economical alternative for professionals seeking to confirm the accuracy of their inspection equipment. Certified Plastic Shims provide a cost-efficient alternative to coated metal plates, with a slightly reduced accuracy of ±2 µm (±0.08 mil), making them suitable for a wide array of applications. Non-Certified Plastic Shims are ideal for operational checks, practice measurements, and protecting the probe during measurements on challenging surfaces. Each shim is designed to simulate a coating over specific substrate materials or shapes, facilitating regular gage performance checks as mandated by some international testing standards.


  • Available in certified and non-certified options.
  • Simulates coatings on various substrate materials.
  • Suitable for use with all Type 2, electronic coating thickness gages, but are not suitable for use with magnetic pull-off gages.
  • Protects probe from damage when used on abrasive surfaces.
  • Certified shims include a Certificate of Calibration traceable to PTB.
  • Ideal for operational checks and practice measurements.