DeFelsko® PosiTector® CMM IS In Situ Concrete Moisture Meter

DeFelsko® PosiTector® CMM IS In Situ Concrete Moisture Meter


The PosiTector® CMM IS – DeFelsko’s solution for In Situ Concrete Moisture Metering conforming to ASTM F2170 testing standards. Innovative and simple to use, this PosiTector Concrete Moisture Meter offers the highest levels of testing accuracy, helping to prevent costly concrete coating failures. Selected features as follows:

  • Simple Design.  Individual In-Situ meters, inserted into holes drilled into concrete, connect wirelessly to the PosiTector App, or to a PosiTector Advanced Gage/DPM probe.
  • Capable.  The PosiTector CMMIS offers the most accurate moisture measurement in concrete as it detects moisture levels well below the floor surface.
  • Configurable.  With various expandable package options, the CMM IS platform can test on any size concrete floor, as follows:
    • 3 probe Basic Kit, including caps, probe sleeve extensions, calibration check chambers and other accessories required for testing.
    • 5 probe Complete Kit, including all the above plus a carrying case and a vacuum tool for cleaning out the drilled holes.
    • 5 Probe Pro Kit, combines a PosiTector Advanced Gage/DPM probe with the above Complete Kit.

Among other requirements, ASTM F2170 requires 3 tests for the first 1000 square feet of floor area, and one additional test for each 1000 square feet.  For larger floors, CMM IS Expansion Kits are available in various sizes.

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® CMM IS In Situ Concrete Moisture Meter

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® CMM IS In Situ Concrete Moisture Meter


The DeFelsko® PosiTector® CMM IS revolutionizes the way professionals measure concrete moisture, offering an advanced, reliable solution that simplifies the ASTM F2170 documentation and measurement process. This system's Smart Probes, which are fully reusable and resistant to solvents, acids, oils, water, and dust, make it an indispensable tool for construction, flooring, and inspection professionals. The PosiTector® CMM IS system eliminates the traditional complexities associated with in situ RH testing.  Utilizing low-energy Bluetooth technology, the Smart Probes broadcast Relative Humidity and temperature data wirelessly for up to 3 weeks, allowing for real-time monitoring on smart devices with the free PosiTector® app, or the PosiTector® DPM Advanced gauge. The system's rapid response probes and automatic Calibration Check function ensure that each measurement is within tolerance, providing peace of mind and reliability in the results. The free PosiTector mobile app complements the PosiTector® CMM IS by offering a user-friendly platform for viewing, analyzing, and reporting data. This seamless integration ensures compliance with ASTM F2170, streamlining the reporting process and making it easier than ever to document moisture levels in concrete slabs accurately. How does the PosiTest® CMM differ from the PosiTector® CMM IS? The PosiTector® CMM IS measures concrete moisture as described in ASTM F2170 test Method. It involves drilling a hole into the concrete (generally 40% of the depth of the slab), and using an electronic relative humidity probe to quantitatively measure the moisture directly in the slab. It is a destructuive test that requires at least 24 hours of being in-situ before an acceptable reading is taken. The PosiTest® CMM measures concrete moisture as described in ASTM F2659 test method using a non-destructive electronic impedance meter to instantaneously measure comparative moisture content within the top ¾" of a concrete slab. The following videos and articles are great resources to understand concrete moisture measurement with in-situ probes or concrete moisture meters:
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