PosiTector® CMM IS Probe Extraction Tool, 3 pack


BlastOne offers all accessories and replacement parts for DeFelsko testing equipment.

Replacement Probe Extraction Tools for Positector® CMM IS measuring probes come in packs of 3.

The use of this tool helps facilitate the removal of the probe when testing is complete.


PosiTector® CMM IS Probe Extraction Tool, 3 pack

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Ship to LV-1001


The PosiTector® CMM IS Probe Extraction Tool, 3 pack, represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of concrete moisture measurement. Tailored to complement the PosiTector® CMM IS measuring probes, this tool is engineered to optimize the testing process, ensuring that probe removal is smooth and effortless. Each pack contains three extraction tools, ensuring that professionals are equipped for multiple testing scenarios without interruption.

The use of the Probe Extraction Tool not only enhances the efficiency of the testing process but also preserves the integrity of the test hole and the probe itself. By providing a means for secure and gentle probe removal, it mitigates the risk of damage to both the probe and the concrete surface. This tool is an essential asset for any professional committed to conducting precise, reliable moisture measurements.