Green Diamond Nickel Slag Abrasive

  • Nickel Slag produced by Green Diamond Abrasives
  • Available in fine, medium, coarse, and extra coarse grit size
  • Individual bag or Bulk bag available
  • Approved to SSPC AB1 Standard
  • Shape – Angular/Sub-Angular
  • Mohs Hardness of 7
  • Bulk Density of 85 to 105 lbs/ft2 
  • Sold by the pallet (pallet minimum)
  • Abrasive cannot be ordered online at this time

Green Diamond Nickel Slag Abrasive


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Green Diamond Performance Materials product Nickle Slag from their Riddle, Oregon plant. Boasting over 10 million tons in reserve, the slag is produced from magnesium orthosilicate, this  means that the slag is very hard, reducing dust.

Your only real concern will be to watch the level of chromium’s.

Metallic slags are produced from the by-products of the refining process. Similar to coal slag, the molten slag is rapidly cooled and the resulting material is crushed and screened. While metallic slags are slightly harder than coal slag, their performance and inherent issues are basically the same.

Metallic slags are primarily used in the geographic regions where their base metals are refined.