GVS Elipse Integra Standard-Profile Half Mask Respirator with Goggles


From the makers of the Nova Respirators!

  • GVS Masks are made from TPE and are hypoallergenic and non-irritating. 
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable. 
  • Each mask includes the initial set of filters installed and is ready-to-use.
  • Price shown per-each.  Packed 4 per case, with case discount.
  • Multiple filter versions available as follows: 
    • OV / P100. Removes Organic Vapors along with P100 filtration. Painters choice!
    • OV / AG / P100. Protects against organic, inorganic, chemical gases, and particulates. 
      • Solvents
      • Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide
      • Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen Fluoride 
      • Sulphur Dioxide 
      • Organic Vapors
    • Multi-Gas. Protects against organic, inorganic, chemical and ammonia based gasses. All acid gases above, plus:
      • Ammonia 
      • Formaldehyde
      • Hydrogen Sulfide
      • Methylamine 
    • Multi-Gas / P100. Protects against organic, inorganic, chemical and ammonia based gases, and particulates. 
    • Keep your respirator fresh with the standard-profile line of GVS replacement filters.
  • NIOSH Approved with ANSI Z87+ eye protection
  • Goggles are scratch and fog resistant.  Tear-off lenses available separately to keep them clean while spraying.

NOTE This is the standard-profile series, which has the largest variety of protective filters.  Low-profile Integra Masks (which offer an enhanced field of vision) are also available. 

Your regular eyeglasses will not fit under these goggles.  However, GVS makes an Integra Prescription Lens insert to fit inside, which you can give to your optician to have fitted with your prescription.

As with all close-fitting respirators, these are designed to be used where fit-testing is conducted. The GVS Portacount Adaptor is available to facilitate this testing. 

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GVS Elipse Integra Standard-Profile Half Mask Respirator with Goggles


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The GVS Integra P100 Full Face Masks is very lightweight and designed to give the operator premier comfort. The unique design with integrated goggles and the half mask give a better seal around the face, increased comfort, and the annoying fogging that happens in competitive masks. The GVS Integra Mask has a patented low-profile to give the wearer a wider/better field of vision.

HESPA filters (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Air filters) ensure an efficiency of 99.97% or higher at 0.3 microns particle size and guarantees the highest level protection against a wide range of dust particles. The pleated HESPA filters give the operator increased air flow with less resistance due to the larger surface area of the filters. Organic Vapor Cartridges will remove paint fumes to protect the industrial painter.

Replacement filters are readily available for purchase online.

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