Head Lining Kit for RPB Nova 3

Head Lining Kit for RPB Nova 3

  • Head Liner Kit (NV3-734) includes 
    • Tough polystyrene foam shell
    • Soft top of head padding 
    • 4x HLNV37341 Clips
  • Sold as a complete kit
  • Suits RPB Nova3 Blast Helmet

Genuine Parts – Manufactured by RPB Safety

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Head Lining Kit for RPB Nova 3

Sku: HLNV3734

The RPB Nova3 Head Lining Kit is a crucial upgrade for any user of the RPB Nova3 Blast Helmet, offering enhanced comfort and a better fit. The kit features a durable polystyrene foam shell that provides robust protection and structure to the helmet, while the soft padding at the top offers increased comfort during extended use. Included in the kit are four specially designed clips that ensure the head lining remains securely in place, preventing any shift that could distract during critical tasks. This complete set is not only easy to install but also significantly boosts the functionality of the helmet, making it ideal for heavy-duty environments. 

  • Product Features: Includes components for full head lining replacement. 
  • Functionality: Enhances comfort and ensures helmet stability and safety. 
  • Durability: Made from tough polystyrene and soft padding designed for long-lasting use. 
  • Packaging: Complete kit with all necessary components for immediate upgrade.
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