RPB Nova 3 Inner Lens Frame

RPB Nova 3 Inner Lens Frame

  • Replacement frame for holding the inner safety lens securely
  • Suits the RPB Nova 3 Respirator helmet

Genuine Product – Manufactured by RPB

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RPB Nova 3 Inner Lens Frame

Sku: HLNV3723

The RPB Nova 3 Inner Lens Frame is an essential component for anyone looking to maintain or enhance the performance of their RPB Nova 3 Respirator helmet. This replacement frame is designed to hold the inner safety lens securely, preventing any movement that could compromise the helmet's protective capabilities. It ensures that your vision remains clear and unobstructed while using the helmet. Manufactured by RPB, this genuine product meets the highest standards of quality and compatibility, providing peace of mind and reliability in demanding environments.
  • Installation: Easy to install, allowing for quick replacements.
  • Safety Features: Ensures that the inner lens remains firmly in place, providing consistent protection.
  • Reliability: Manufactured by RPB Safety, known for its commitment to quality and safety.
  • Packaging: Sold individually to meet your replacement needs.
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