HOLD*BLAST Rust Inhibitor by Chlor-Rid

  • Hold*Blast is a cost-effective flash rust prevention solution
  • Environmentally safe and compatible with all coatings
  • It is used to “Hold the Blast” to allow primer to be applied
  • Added in low concentration (2-10%) to the ‘blast water’ to prevent flash rusting
  • Ideal to mix with your water when wet blasting
  • Compare to Hold*Tite 102!
  • 32 pails ship on 1 pallet

HOLD*BLAST Rust Inhibitor by Chlor-Rid


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$210.00 - $2,310.00

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Hold*Blast is formulated to passivate a metal surface and prevent it from flash rusting for up to 5 days. It can be used on metal surfaces in nearly any location, including storage tanks, any steel structure, piping, mining facilities and more.


  • Sold as a 5-gallon (20 L) drum, available in 55-gallon or 1-gallon drums upon request
  • It does not leave a film or residue that could interfere with coating adhesion
  • Bio-degradable
  • No rinse required
  • Dilute with potable water – doesn’t require high-purity water
  • Applied with pressure washer, while mist/vapor blasting, or with UHP equipment
  • No VOC’s

What do I need, Hold*Blast or Chlor*Rid? Hold*Blast should always be used when you are wet blasting. This means if you are using any technology that injects or uses water to reduce dust on the surface, you should also be buying this product. How long does Hold*Blast last until flash rusting begins again? It depends. Basically, as long as the Hold*Blast is on the surface – which is typically a few days, unless it is raining. Most people use it to stop the surface from flashing so they can blast that day. Others use it to hold the surface which they can whip up again before they paint. Any running water or rain will cause rust streaks because other parts of the surface will have contaminants. Hold*Blast will hold the blast for up to 72 hours.  Interior application will extend this time.  Exterior exposure to weather (rain) and quality of the potable water used will have an influence on the time. Can use Chlor*Rid when wet blasting, but it doesn’t hold the blast. If you want to hold the blast to prevent flash rusting, you should use Hold*Blast. The allowable ppm of salts will dictate the use of Chlor*Rid in the process.   How long does a 5-gallon pail of Hold*Blast last? How much do I need to buy when renting a MistBlaster™? Hold*Blast is a 1:50 blend A MistBlaster™ skid has a 40-gallon tank, so you can get 6 refills. Typically a pail will last 2-3 days, depending on how much washdown you do. If just mist blasting, not washing down it will last 5-6 days. Hold*Blast vs Hold*Tite 102 – what’s the difference? Every 1 part of Hold*Blast will displace 3 parts of water, it works by lifting water off the surface, to stop it reacting with the surface. There will be still some salt left on the surface. Hold*Blast will do what Hold*Tite 102 will do.  These two products only remove topical salts.  Hold*Blast will perform better under the same conditions.  It also has chemistry that allows it to handle harder water. Hold-Tite 102 seems to have something in it that blocks up filters and valves in AmphiBlasts so we do not stock or recommend Hold*Tite. However if it’s specified, we can supply it as well. There are 3 types of Hold*Blast – standard and two specialty products. If you need Hold*Blast Vapor or Hold*Blast Vision, please call us. Hold*Blast – CHRUSTEX Hold*Blast vapor – has a green dye that means you can tell by the color of the water that it has the solution in it. And you can see it in the mist coming out the nozzle. It allows you to see how much you have as a dilution in the tank.  It also has an enhanced chemistry that will aid in reducing the build up that normally occurs in the equipment. Hold*Blast Vision – has fluorescent dye so when on the surface you can use a UV light to find pools of water on the surface – like a overhead conveyor – if the water pools up on the lips of the flange, which you can’t see. It allows you to find it with a UV light before you paint. Only use this when you have a tight spec or someone that is concerned.  When the product ponds and dries, it will leave a residue behind that can hinder adhesion of a coating.  All products in the industry act in the same manner.  Our Vision product aids in inspection so these types of areas can be found and corrected.  We are currently the only company offering this type of product.