MontiPower® Bristle Blaster System


The Bristle Blaster® is a portable surface preparation tool that combines wire wheels with an ingenious accelerator bar*, to speed production. Benefits include the following:

  • Excellent for spot work.  Small projects such as rework, weld cleaning, etc., are faster due to no abrasive cleanup needed.
  • Highly portable.  Light weight and compact makes usage and storage a breeze.
  • Simple to use.  No need to suit up to use it.
  • Quick setup.  Plug in and go!
  • Safe for most surfaces.  Unlike a grinder, the Bristle Blaster® creates a surface profile without removing metal.

While the production speed isn’t as high as traditional abrasive blasting, the benefits of no mess and quick setup/teardown make this a very efficient tool for spot work and repairs.  It is up to 10x faster than using a hand wire brush. The Bristle Blaster® tools are available in 3 power configurations:

  • Electric.  Requires 910 watts at 120v.
  • Pneumatic.  Uses standard shop-air line.  Requires less than 20 CFM at 75 or 90PSI.
  • Cordless.  Rechargeable battery power offers the ultimate in portability.

There are 3 orientation configurations for the wheels, as follows:

  • Standard wheel (general purpose)
  • Double wheel  (faster production for larger surfaces).  Note – available in electric only.
  • Axial (right angle) wheel (great for reaching inside corners or other areas difficult to reach with the standard wheel).  Note – available in pneumatic only.

Additional notes:

  • These units create a surface profile between 2.5 and 3.5 mils.
  • Wire wheels are also known as belts.  BlastOne stocks all carbon steel and stainless Bristle Blaster® replacement belts.
  • The standard pneumatic kit includes a dust shroud for attachment to a vacuum cleaner, for even faster clean up.
  • Other belt types and machine models available – enquire.

*The Axial version does not come with an Accelerator Bar.

MontiPower® Bristle Blaster System


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If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile surface preparation tool, look no further than the MontiPower MBX Electric and Pneumatic Bristle Blaster. This unique hand-held rotary wire brush can create a profile on steel and other metallic surfaces, replicating an abrasive blast profile in a fraction of the time. This tool is perfect for spot-repair, post-weld cleanup, removal of millscale, corrosion, old protective coatings, and a wide range of fabrication and infrastructure-support operations such as onshore/offshore well drilling installations, bridge refurbishment, and the fabrication and repair of naval/marine vessels, and industrial maintenance applications. Additionally, the Pneumatic Bristle Blaster is ATEX approved for Zone 1, Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. With in-house testing shows that lightly rusted surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned at 12-15 square feet per hour.

The MontiPower MBX Bristle Blaster is available in electric, pneumatic, and cordless options, each with its own set of features. The electric kit includes Electric Drive Unit, Adapter Systems – 23mm & 11mm, Accelerator Bars – steel 23mm & 11mm, 5 Wheels – steel 23mm, and 5 Wheels – steel 11mm. The Pneumatic kit includes Pneumatic Drive Unit inc. air cooling system and noise reduction, Adapter Systems – 23mm & 11mm, Accelerator Bars – steel 23mm & 11mm, 5 Wheels – steel 23mm, 5 Wheels – steel 11mm, Air Pressure Regulators – 23mm (silver) & 11m (blue), and Dust Extraction Attachment. Furthermore, the cordless kit includes Cordless Drive Unit, 5 x 23mm Wheels, 2 x 18V 8.0Ah LiHD Batteries, Rapid Charger for 1 x 18V 8Ah Battery, and 4 x 18V 8.0Ah LiHD Batteries, Rapid Charger for 2 x 18V 8Ah Battery.

The Bristle Blaster has 5 outstanding features all contractors love! The rechargeable battery can last approximately 25 minutes under continual use, The bristles heads are easily changed and need only the hardware key (which itself is attached to the device) to be dismantled and replaced, the handle can be easily swapped from one side to another to accommodate hand dominance as well as combating hand/arm fatigue, the cordless bristle blaster has an adjustable accelerator bar which not only allows for the increased velocity and cutting power of the bristles, but increases ability to reach tight spots and angles head on, and the 3-position rotation of the battery also accommodates maneuverability and increased flexibility to position the tool exactly where and how you need it.

The Bristle Blaster is the perfect tool to ensure the best surface preparation for the best coatings. It is designed to remove coating, to remove scale, to remove corrosion, impart a profile, give you a abrasive quality / near white surface clean. With a 2-3 mil or 50-75 microns profile which is typical when abrasive blasting. The Bristle Blaster does not remove metal, it’s not a grinder, and it’s not going to polish. It will rearrange the metal on the surface and that is why it’s so effective. Order your MontiPower MBX Electric and Pneumatic Bristle Blaster today and experience the difference for yourself!