Pinovo PiHab Dustless Blasting Enclosure


PiHab is a flexible abrasive blasting enclosure designed for easily adapting to pipes and beams etc….or any other structure that can be wrapped.

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The PiHab is a flexible, transparent, abrasive blasting enclosure to be used with the PiSys closed loop vacuum blasting and recycling unit. The PiHab is easily adaptable to any structure that can be wrapped, such as pipes and beams, etc. This system creates its own blasting containment environment.

Operation is simple…

  1. Inflate the bag is to create a blasting area.
  2. Attach the vacuum hose to the bottom of the bag.
  3. Insert a regular blast nozzle inside the containment and start blasting.
  4. Once finished blasting run the vacuum until all the dust and abrasive has been removed
  5. Remove the bag.

Its a blasting enclosure in a bag!