PosiTector® GLS Gloss Standard Cleaning Kit


The DeFelsko GLS Gloss Meter has an on-board calibration standard. Periodically, or when dust / dirt are visible, the gloss standard should be cleaned to ensure measurement accuracy.

10 packs of cleaning wipes are included with each new DeFelsko GLS kit.  This item is also a set of 10 wipes, and is available separately as a replacement order item.


PosiTector® GLS Gloss Standard Cleaning Kit

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The DeFelsko® Cleaning Kit is an essential maintenance tool for users of the PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meter, designed to uphold the device’s precision.. This kit, featuring 10 specially formulated cleaning wipes, provides an effective solution for removing dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants from the gloss standard that can affect the gloss meter’s performance and measurement accuracy.

Regular use of these cleaning wipes helps preserve the gloss meter’s condition, ensuring that each measurement is as accurate as the first. The wipes are made from a material that is gentle on the PosiTector® GLS’s components, including its sensitive optical surfaces, thereby preventing damage while cleaning.

Each pack of the DeFelsko® Cleaning Kit is conveniently sized, making it easy to store and transport alongside your PosiTector® GLS. With every use, you can ensure your gloss meter is in top condition, ready for precise gloss measurement tasks.