DeFelsko® PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meters

DeFelsko® PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meters


The PosiTector GLS – DeFelsko’s system for measuring glossiness, haze, and more.  Working on many varied substrates, the DeFelsko GLS gloss meter is highly capable with the following highlights:

  • Familiar.  The GLS probe is built on the tried-and-true PosiTector gage/body platform as one of many interchangeable measurement probes.
  • Capable.  Three separate probe designs available for the following applications:
    • 60° measurement angle, suitable for most gloss applications and the preferred angle for semi-gloss
    • Combination 20°/60° measurement angles, suitable for high and semi-gloss applications w/haze indexing.
    • Combination 20°/60°/85° measurement angles, suitable for matte, high-, and semi-gloss applications, also with haze indexing.
  • Configurable. Available as follows:
    • Probe only.  Use with your existing PosiTector gauge.
    • Standard PosiTector package with choice of probe.
    • Advanced PosiTector package with choice of probe.
    • Note:  All PosiTector GLS packages come with case, integrated calibration standard, calibration certificate, and more.

Note:  Learn more about the differences between the PosiTector Standard vs. Advanced Gage/Body on their separate web page.

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meters

$1,450.00 - $3,025.00

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meters


Introducing the DeFelsko® PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meter, a cutting-edge instrument designed for the accurate measurement of gloss levels across a wide range of surface finishes. This portable gloss meter is engineered for both field and shop use, featuring a durable, weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant gage body that ensures reliable performance under various environmental conditions. When paired with a PosiTector® gauge body with its large 2.8" color touchscreen, the GLS offers an intuitive user interface with quick menu navigation, enhanced by an on-gage help function for immediate assistance. Its automatic diagnosis and Auto Calibration features, utilizing the protective base plate with an integrated calibration standard, ensures the device is always ready for precise measurements. The PosiTector® GLS stands out with its fast measurement capabilities, delivering over 60 readings per minute, and includes powerful scan modes for advanced models, making it ideal for quantifying large surfaces efficiently. Its all-metal probe construction guarantees long-term stability and accuracy, backed by a Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NRC for both the probe and gloss standard. This versatile instrument is part of the PosiTector platform, allowing easy conversion to measure coating thickness, dew point, soluble salt, hardness, and more, with selectable units for gloss and % reflectance. It supports multiple languages and features an auto-rotating display with flip lock for user convenience.
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