RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses

RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses


Easy Tear-away protection for RPB Spray Hood Respirator lenses.

Available options as follows:

  • Single Tear-away lenses.  These are the most economical versions for standard industrial coatings applications.  These options comes in the following configurations:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version designed for the legacy T100 model, but which will work on all RPB spray hoods that do not have the optional in-helmet light.
  • Cassette Lens system.  These are premium versions, designed for maximum clarity and convenience.  On time-critical spray projects, cassette lenses save valuable time by eliminating the need to stop and change lenses. These come 7 lenses per set, with 10 sets per pack as follows:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version for T200’s with face seal or any version not using the optional in-helmet light.

NOTE – the shorter versions will not cover the bottom of the lens area on the T200/T-Link full hoods, and should not be used when the optional light is used on the T-Link.

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RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses

$67.60 - $399.80

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RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses


Tailored Options for Different Needs

We understand that different tasks require different solutions. That's why our replacement lenses come in various configurations to meet your specific needs:

  • Full-Length Lenses: These lenses are designed for all T-Links and T200 models equipped with full-length capes. They provide comprehensive coverage for maximum protection.
  • Shorter Version Lenses: Specifically crafted for T200 models with face seals or any version not utilizing the Comms Link light. These lenses offer a snug fit while accommodating specific configurations.

Economical Tear-Away Options

For standard industrial coatings applications, we offer a range of Tear-away lenses that provide both economic advantages and reliable protection:

  • Full-Length Tear-Away Lenses: Ideal for T-Links and T200 models with full-length capes. These lenses combine convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Shorter Version Tear-Away Lenses: Originally designed for legacy T100 models, these lenses are compatible with all RPB spray hoods. Note that the shorter version won't cover the bottom of the lens area and should not be used with the optional light on the T-Link.

Benefits that Matter:

  • Protects Visor Lens: Safeguard your visor lens and extend its lifespan by using these replacement lenses. Shielding the main lens from damage ultimately reduces maintenance costs.
  • Reduces Waste: Each lens comes with a pre-folded tab, ensuring that only one lens is dispensed at a time. This feature is especially handy, even when wearing heavy gloves, and contributes to waste reduction.
  • Enhances Productivity: Experience uninterrupted blasting throughout your shift. Insert up to 6 Inner Lenses along with an Outer Lens into the helmet simultaneously, saving time and increasing overall productivity.
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