Western Technology 3475 LED Blast Light - Hose Mounted

Western Technology 3475 LED Blast Light - Hose Mounted



  • The Western Technology 3475 is the #1 Nozzle Mounted Blast Light preferred by Blasting Contractors
  • Powerful 1,325 lumen LED light array
  • Can be hose mounted (with stanchion) or hand-held
  • Multiple configurations available
    • Light with 10′ cable (unfitted)
    • Light with 50-300′ cable, fitted with one of the following
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Western Technology

Note:  The Western Technology blast nozzle light is designed to last and is very durable.  Accidents or abuse may necessitate repairs however, and if a light needs repair, it must be conducted at BlastOne.  Cost to estimate repair is ½ Hour labor (refundable with completion of repair).  When a light is repairable, ballpark cost would be $750 due to the cost of the component assemblies.  Contact Customer Service at 1-800-999-1881 to coordinate inspection/repair of your lights.

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Western Technology 3475 LED Blast Light - Hose Mounted

$998.20 - $1,386.93

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Western Technology 3475 LED Blast Light – Hose Mounted

Sku: P-BABL34

Polyurethane jacket blast nozzle light for durability. LED blast light lamps for long life illumination. The blast light is user friendly and fits onto the blast hose close to the nozzle. It provides a well lit spot light for work area.  It is extremely durable and lightweight and features a replaceable blast lens. Includes light with 10" cable.


This LED abrasive blasting nozzle work light is ideal  when blasting inside tanks or in other low-light conditions. Reduces shadows in corners and hard-to-light areas.


  • LEDs emitting color at 6000K (+/-200K)
  • Rated at 1200 lumens
  • Refractive optical design for targeted focus at 26° beam angle
  • Powered directly from 12-28V AC/DC source
  • Polyurethane-wrapped aluminum body
  • Dimensions - Length: 7" x Halo Diameter: 3"
  • Weight - Light head (as supplied): 1 lb
  • Mounting - comes with a mount for blast hose, or it can be hand held
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