Threaded Blast Quick Couplings

  • 2-claw threaded coupling for metering valve outlet, to enable connection of blast hose
  • Supplied with HFGMRLP coupling gasket fitted
  • For Aluminum, Brass, and Steel,  use HFCLP1 thin safety lock pins – purchase separately
  • Nylon is supplied with HFGPCG gasket fitted and contains an integral springlock pin
  • 2 types available – Standard and MegaMax.
    • Note: MegaMax and Standard couplings require an adapter to fit together.  
  • MegaMax couplings are Full-Flow, designed to remove the air restrictions caused by standard couplings, and increases the PSI available to the nozzle.  The increased PSI is mostly beneficial when doing high-production blasting using 1.5″ or 2″ ID Blast Hoses.
  • These are threaded couplings designed for metering valve outlets only.  Unthreaded QC couplings are used on blast hoses, and can be found HERE.
  • Note:  1 1/4″ threaded couplings can also be used as Quick-couple type nozzle holders for fine thread nozzles.
  • Industry Size Commonly Referred to as SB1, SB-1, SB2, SB-2

Threaded Blast Quick Couplings


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$9.49 - $93.66

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Threaded pipe nipple bore should be equal to or smaller than the flange bore and the gasket bore so the coupling does not wear prematurely, leaving the gasket unsupported and prone to leaks. Mega Max large bore couplings should be used on any hose with a bore greater than 1 1/4″ (32mm). The thread should be screwed up all the way to the flange face to reduce turbulence and wear. Use thread sealant compound or tape to ensure the joint is an airtight seal. If the thread does not screw up all way to the flange, use an additional gasket inside the back of the coupling as a spacer. Mega Max Couplers (HFATCMX) – are large bore, full flow, high-production couplings and are supplied with large bore HF GMRX gasket fitted. Use HF CLP-2 or HF CLP-1 lock pins. NOT compatible with other coupling types. Compatible with Mega Max blast hose couplings. Industry Size Commonly Referred to as SB1, SB-1, SB2, SB-2 Always use coupling lock pins and whipchecks. Inspect gaskets and couplings daily for signs of wear. Keep spare gaskets on hand because leaking air kills productivity!