Schmidt® TeraValve™ XL

Schmidt® TeraValve™ XL

SKU: P-GV2130

The Axxiom TeraValve – the next generation abrasive metering valve for blast machines with pressure-hold technology.  Featuring:

  • Extended Life.  Schmidt XL technology utilizes tough metal alloys and internal wipers, reducing premature wear due to dust migration.
  • Easy Interchangeability.  Customers with older Thompson valves that need rebuilt have an easy alternative.  Exchange the old valve with a new TeraValve with no modifications required!
  • Efficient.  Pressure-hold design maintains pressure in the pot, even with deadman released.  This can save up to 15% of abrasive when your projects involve a lot of start-stop blasting.  Reduces expensive compressed air consumption too!
  • Economical.  The compact design of the TeraValve actually costs less than the previous-gen Thompson II valve.
  • Available for more applications.  Pressure-release pots with limited clearance (where traditional Thompson Valves do not fit) can also benefit. Efficient pressure-hold technology can be used on any blast pot with a minimum of 6″ clearance by installing a TeraValve retrofit kit.
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Note:  Diaphragm-activated piston requires minimum of 75 psi control pressure

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Schmidt® TeraValve™ XL

SKU: P-GV2130
$1,008.00 - $1,467.00

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Schmidt® TeraValve™ XL

Sku: P-GV2130

The industry-proven TeraValve™ abrasive metering valve is revolutionary in its ability to provide high performance, pressure-hold blasting. The TeraValve™ is designed with a diaphragm, reducing overall size as well as maintenance. The new Schmidt® extended life (XL) technology provides durability and long life, even when used with harsh abrasives. The compact size fits easily onto low-clearance blast pots or blast cabinets without modification. This makes it easy to convert automatic blowdown pots to a more efficient and productive pressure hold system.
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