Throat Seal Liquid 8oz

SKU: GR206994
  • 8-ounce bottle of Throat Seal Liquid (TSL).
  • Prevents paint drying on the displacement rod and packings, reducing wear.
  • Extends component life of your paint spray pumps.
  • Specially formulated to dissolve material on displacement rods.
  • Suitable for all Paint Spray Pumps.
  • Ensures throat seal packings remain lubricated, preventing the pump from running dry.
  • Genuine Graco-manufactured part.

Throat Seal Liquid 8oz

SKU: GR206994
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Ensure the longevity and smooth operation of your paint spray pumps with our Throat Seal Liquid 8oz, SKU: GR206994. Manufactured by Graco, this product is specially designed to prevent paint from drying on the displacement rod and packings. 

This 8-ounce bottle of throat seal liquid (TSL) is an integral part of any painting project. The dried paint on a pump rod can rapidly abrade the packings and gradually start to damage the piston rod. By using the Graco TSL, you can effectively combat this issue, extending the life of your pump’s components. 

The importance of Graco King pumps running in a lubricated state can’t be overstated, and this is where our TSL shines. It ensures that the throat seal packings are consistently lubricated, preventing your pump from running dry. Don’t let your pump components wear out prematurely due to dried paint. 

Make it a daily routine to check your pump throat and top up the liquid as required. The TSL is available as individual bottles or in carton quantities. Protect your piston pump and maintain its optimal performance with our Throat Seal Liquid 8oz.